In an effort to assist contractors and developers, this office employs a “Model Home” policy that allows for the permitting and construction of single-family residences, prior to the recordation of the subdivision plat, as long as the intended use is as a sales model for a new subdivision.  Thus the construction of the model is simultaneous with the construction to the subdivision’s infrastructure, coinciding with the opening of the model and subdivision.  Once completed, a temporary certificate of occupancy is granted for “Model Use” only and a re-inspection is performed prior to use as a residential unit.  The issuance of a model home permit is a courtesy extended by this office and was never intended to allow contractors/ developers to obtain permits for “under contract” construction, thus placing the City in an awkward position should the subdivision NOT be completed at the time the residence is complete.  Accordingly, this policy is applicable as follows.
  • There must be more than 10 lots in the subdivision with an unrecorded plat in order to obtain a model home permit.
  • A residence constructed under a model home permit is to be used as such throughout the duration of the subdivision’s construction.  If the model home is sold as soon as the plat is recorded and before completion of the subdivision, that builder will not be permitted to obtain model permits in the future.
  • A maximum of two (2) model home permits will be issued per builder per subdivision.
    Public Utilities will collect fees for model homes in a subdivision where the plat is not recorded with a “model use only” form from this office as well as assurance the property will have water and sewer available prior to release for occupancy for the sales office.
  • A revised site plan/as-built survey with updated recordation information will be required prior to the issuance of the final certificate of occupancy.
  • Whether the plat is recorded or not, the residence should be designated as a model home at the time the permit is issued, thus allowing a temporary occupancy without all site improvements in place; i.e. driveway and aprons.  If a request for model use is submitted at the time of final inspection, a bond for the driveway and apron will need to be posted with the Development Service Center in order to obtain a release for temporary occupancy.
  • No special approvals are required from this office to use the residence as a model if the all the finals are approved and the certificate of occupancy issued.
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