September 2021 Staff Reports

A Public Hearing of the Virginia Beach Planning Commission will be held on Wednesday, September 8, 2021 at 12:00 p.m. in the Council Chamber at City Hall, Building 1, 2nd Floor at 2401 Courthouse Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23456. Members of the public will be able to observe the Planning Commission meeting through livestreaming on, broadcast on VBTV, and via WebEx. Citizens who wish to speak can sign up to speak either in-person at the Council Chamber or virtually via WebEx by completing the two-step process below. A Staff briefing session will be held at 9:00 a.m.. All interested parties are invited to observe.

If you wish to make comments virtually during the public hearing, please follow the two-step process provided below:

1.    Register for the WebEx at:

2.    Register with the Planning Department by calling 757-385-4621 or via email at prior to 5:00 p.m. on September 7, 2021.

Copies of the proposed plans, ordinances, amendments and/or resolutions are on file and may be examined by appointment in the Planning Department at 2875 Sabre St, Suite 500, Virginia Beach, VA 23452 or online at For information call 757-385-4621. Staff Reports will be available on the webpage 5 days prior to the meeting.

If you require a reasonable accommodation for this meeting due to a disability, please call the Planning Department at 757-385-4621. If you are hearing impaired, you can contact Virginia Relay at 711 for TDD service. The meeting will be broadcast on cable TV, and Facebook Live.

Please check our website at for the most updated meeting information.


City of Virginia Beach APPROVAL (COUNCIL on October 5) – An Ordinance to amend Section 602 of the City Zoning Ordinance pertaining to dimensional requirements in Apartment Districts.

City of Virginia Beach APPROVAL (COUNCIL on October 5) – An Ordinance to amend Section 1306 of the City Zoning Ordinance to add assembly uses as Conditional uses in the Historic and Cultural Districts.

Lynnhaven Dive Center, LLC (Applicant) Blue Water Properties, LLC & SLMD, LLC (Property Owners) APPROVAL (COUNCIL on October 5) Conditional Use Permit (Vocational School) Subdivision Variance (Section 4.4(b) of the Subdivision Regulations) Addresses: 2204 Poplar Point Road, 1413 N Great Neck Road GPIN(s): 2408185645, 2408185832 Council District: Lynnhaven

Yvonne Lee Hypes Lucas & Esther Diane Schneider, Co-Executrixes of the Estate of Varenia Craig Hypes Ryan (Applicants) Ryan Varenia H. Estate (Property Owner) APPROVAL (COUNCIL on October 5) Rezoning (B-1 Business District to R-5R Residential Resort District) Address: 4504 Guam Street GPIN(s): 1570618235 Council District: Bayside

JTR, LLC (Applicant) JTR, LLC; Bayliner Building, LLC; & Shore Drive Area Properties (Property Owners) APPROVAL (COUNCIL on October 19) Street Closures Adjacent Address: Portion of Ocean Tides Drive, south of Shore Drive and north of Clipper Bay Drive, and a portion of Clipper Bay Drive right-of-way south of Shore Drive and west of Ocean Tides Drive Adjacent GPIN(s): 1489289631, 1489286485, 1489382674, 1489289308 Council District: Bayside    

MP Shore, LLC (Applicant) JTR, LLC; Bayliner Building, LLC; Shore Drive Area Properties, LLC; & City of Virginia Beach (Property Owners) APPROVAL (COUNCIL on October 19) Conditional Change of Zoning (B-2 and PD-H1 Districts to Conditional B-4 Mixed Use District) Conditional Use Permit (Multi-Family Dwellings) Addresses: 3829 & 3785 Shore Drive, adjacent parcel between Marlin Bay Drive and 3829 Shore Drive GPIN(s): 1489286485, 1489288247, 1489289308, 1489289631, 1489382674 Council District: Bayside

Jenita White (Applicant & Property Owner) APPROVAL (COUNCIL on October 5) Conditional Use Permit (Family Day-Care Home) Address: 1109 Malcoms Way GPIN(s): 1466304744 Council District: Kempsville

Murphy's of Virginia Beach (Applicant) Stephen Yuen Yee Family, LLC (Property Owner) APPROVAL (COUNCIL on October 19) Alternative Compliance Address: 2914 Pacific Avenue GPIN(s): 2428013605 Council District: Beach         

Ocean Rental Properties, LLC (Applicant & Property Owner) WITHDRAWN Conditional Use Permit (Short Term Rental) Address: 525 26th Street, Units 1, 2 & 3 GPIN(s): 2418902100 Council District: Beach.

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