January 2018 PC Staff Reports

​​​​​​​​The Virginia Beach Planning Commission will hold a Public Hearing on Wednesday, January 10, 2018 at 12:00 Noon in the Council Chamber of the City Hall Building, Virginia Beach, Virginia to consider the following applications. A briefing session will be held at 9:00 a.m. in the City Manager's Conference Room, City Hall Building. Copies of the proposed ordinances, resolutions and amendments are on file and may be examined in the Department of Planning. For information call 385-4621. http://www.vbgov.com/pc If you are physically disabled or visually impaired and need assistance at this meeting, please call the CITY CLERK'S OFFICE at 385-4303.


Standard Package of Agenda with Staff Reports​​​​​​


Interactive Portfolio of Agenda with Staff Reports​​​​​​

1. Luciana Crespo [Applicant] The Bruce W. & Ellen B. Gallup Joint Revocable Inter Vivos Trust Agreement, dated December 21, 2015 [Owner]  APPROVAL (COUNCIL on February 6) Conditional Use Permit (Tattoo Parlor) 325 First Colonial Road (GPIN 2407861291) COUNCIL DISTRICT – BEACH

2. Consumer Properties, LLC [Applicant & Owner]   APPROVAL (COUNCIL on February 6) Subdivision Variance (Section 4.4(b) of the Subdivision Regulations) 2311 Busky Lane (GPIN 1497965483) COUNCIL DISTRICT – BEACH

3. Michael Binetti [Applicant] Michael Binetti & Jeffrey Murphy [Owners]  APPROVAL (COUNCIL on February 6) Subdivision Variance (Section 4.4(b) and (d) of the Subdivision Regulations) West side of Riddick Lane, approximately 1379 feet from Indian River Road (GPINS 1493249463, 1493249592) COUNCIL DISTRICT – PRINCESS ANNE

4. HH VB2, LLC [Applicant & Owner]  APPROVAL (COUNCIL on February 6) Modification of Conditions 400 33rd Street (GPIN 2418925567) COUNCIL DISTRICT – BEACH

5. Franklin Johnston Group Management & Development, LLC [Applicant] School Board of the City of Virginia Beach [Owner] APPROVAL (COUNCIL on February 6Conditional Change of Zoning (B-2 Community Business to Conditional A-24 Apartment) 273 N. Witchduck Road (GPIN 1467758675) COUNCIL DISTRICT – KEMPSVILLE

6. Larry Garrison [Applicant] Hilltop Investors, LLC [Owner]  APPROVAL (COUNCIL on February 6) Conditional Use Permit (Motor Vehicle Sales) 1805 Virginia Beach Boulevard, Suite 102 (GPIN 2407652769) COUNCIL DISTRICT – BEACH

7. Lynnhaven Mall LLC [Applicant & Owner]  APPROVAL (COUNCIL on February 6) Major Entertainment Venue Signage Permit 701, 739, 745, 757, & 773 Lynnhaven Parkway, 1001, 1005, & 1009 Lynnhaven Mall Loop (GPINS 1496269419, 1496268097, 1496350434, 1496341955, 1496342787, 1496363430, 1496461559, 1496453926, 1496358830, 1496455278, 1496353639, 1496468297, 1496468027, 1496469093, 1496459637) COUNCIL DISTRICT – ROSE HALL

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