March 2016 PC Staff Report

The Virginia Beach Planning Commission will hold a Public Hearing on Wednesday, March 9, 2016 at 12:00 Noon in the Council Chambers of the City Hall Building, Virginia Beach, Virginia to consider the following applications.  A briefing session will be held at 9:00 a.m. in the City Manager's Conference Room, City Hall Building.  Copies of the proposed ordinances, resolutions and amendments are on file and may be examined in the Department of Planning.  For information call 385-4621. If you are physically disabled or visually impaired and need assistance at this meeting, please call the CITY CLERK'S OFFICE at 385-4303.  

Interactive Portfolio of Agenda with Staff Reports​​​​​​

1. NADER C. VASDIKI [APPLICANT] HOLLAND PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER, LLC [Owner]APPROVAL (COUNCIL on April 5) Conditional Use Permit (Indoor Recreational Facility) 4318 Holland Road  (GPIN 1476975253) COUNCIL DISTRICT–ROSE HALL

2. TATTOO SKILLS TOO, LLC [APPLICANT] DAM NECK SQUARE, LLC [OWNER] APPROVAL (COUNCIL on April 19) Conditional Use Permit (Tattoo Parlor) 1577 General Booth Boulevard, Unit 107 (GPIN 2415458709) COUNCIL DISTRICT–BEACH 

3. THE TRUSTEES OF NEW LIFE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH[APPLICANT/OWNER] APPROVAL (COUNCIL on April 5) Modification of Conditions to a Conditional Use Permit (Religious Use) approved by City Council on June 13, 1988. 3312 Dam Neck Road (GPIN 1495036847) COUNCIL DISTRICT–ROSE HALL

4. TAYLOR FARMS LAND COMPANY, LLC [APPLICANT/OWNER] APPROVAL (COUNCIL on April 5) Modification of ​Conditions to a Conditional Use Permit (Borrow Pit) approved by City Council on March 22, 2011. 2297 Harpers Road (Portion of GPIN 2405665160) COUNCIL DISTRICT–BEACH

5. GREGORY KRAM [APPLICANT/OWNER] DENIAL (COUNCIL on April 19) Subdivision Variance to Section 4.4(b) of the Subdivision Regulations and a Floodplain Variance to Section 4.10(B)(3) of the Floodplain Ordinance. 3236 Little Island Road (GPIN 2432496935) COUNCIL DISTRICT–PRINCESS ANNE

6. STEPHANIE L. WEEKES [APPLICANT/OWNER] APPROVAL (COUNCIL on April 19) Conditional Use Permit (Home Occupation-Family Day-Care Home) 1205 Sydenham Court (GPIN 1475128402) COUNCIL DISTRICT–CENTERVILLE

7. PEMBROKE SQUARE ASSOCIATES, LLC [APPLICANT/OWNER] APPROVAL (COUNCIL on April 19)   Conditional Use Permit (Outdoor Recreational Facility) 4554 Virginia Beach Boulevard (GPIN 1477562034) COUNCIL DISTRICT–BAYSIDE

8. VEONCA EVANS [APPLICANT] NHI HO [OWNER] APPROVAL (COUNCIL on April 19) Conditional Use Permit (Home Occupation-Family Day-Care Home) 5490 Davis Way (GPIN 1467497384) COUNCIL DISTRICT–KEMPSVILLE

9. DACOR, LLC [APPLICANT/OWNER] DEFERRED Subdivision Variance to Section 4.4(b) of the Subdivision Regulations. Northwest side of Ferry Point Road, west of Indian River Road (GPINs 1465097091, 1465087997) COUNCIL DISTRICT–KEMPSVILLE

10. TRADITIONAL CONCEPTS, LLC [APPLICANT] DEFERRED VICTORY BAPTIST CHURCH OF VIRGINIA BEACH, INC. [OWNER] Modification of Conditions to a Conditional Use Permit (Religious Use) approved by City Council on December 8, 1998 and a Conditional Change of Zoning from R-15 Residential District to Conditional R-7.5 Residential District. 4125 Indian River Road (portion of GPIN 1474534410) Comprehensive Plan: Suburban Area. Proposal is for 10 single-family dwellings (density of 1.8 units per acre) COUNCIL DISTRICT–PRINCESS ANNE

11. SUE DAVIS, TRUSTEE OF THE FRANKLIN L. COX IRREVOCABLE TRUST[APPLICANT/OWNER] APPROVAL (COUNCIL on April 5) Change of Zoning from I-1 Industrial to B-1A Limited Community Business District. 5775 Princess Anne Road (GPIN 1457947014) COUNCIL DISTRICT – KEMPSVILLE

12. CITY OF VIRGINIA BEACH - APPROVAL (COUNCIL on April 19) An Ordinance to Amend and Reordain Section 506, of the City Zoning Ordinance, Adding a New “Figure 2 – Roof Dormer Diagram”.

13. CITY OF VIRGINIA BEACH – APPROVAL (COUNCIL on April 19) An Ordinance to Amend Sections 111, 401, 501, 801, 901, 1001, 1110, 1125  and 1421 of the City Zoning Ordinance and Section 5.2 of the Oceanfront Resort District Form-Based Code, as follows: Amending the Definition of the Term “Family Day – Care Home”; Deleting the Definition of the term “Child-Care Center”; Adding a Definition of the term “Day-Care Center”, Replacing the term “Family Care Home” with the term “Family Day-Care Home”; Adding Family Day-Care Homes as a Conditional Use in the PD-H1 Planning Unit District; and Allowing Day-Care Centers as a Principal Use in all Apartment and Office Districts, the B-2 Community Business District, B-3 Central Business District and B-4 Mixed Use District, the PD-H2 Planned Unit Development District, the RT-3 Resort Tourist District, the CBC Central Business Core District and in the OR Oceanfront Resort District and as a Conditional Use in all Residential Zoning Districts, the B-1 Neighborhood Business District, B-1A Limited Community Business District B-4K Historic Kempsville Area Mixed Use District, the I-1 Light Industrial and I-2 Heavy Industrial Districts and the OR Oceanfront Resort District. 

14. CITY OF VIRGINIA BEACH – APPROVAL (COUNCIL on April 5) An Ordinance to Amend City Zoning Ordinance Sections 210 (Purpose and intent; findings); 210.1 (Sign Permits); 210.2 (Definitions); 211 (Signs permitted in all Districts); 212 (Prohibited signs); 213 (Illumination); 214 (Sign height, setback and landscaping); 215 (Nonconforming Signs); 216 (Outdoor advertising structures, billboards, signboards and poster panels); 218 (Major entertainment venue signs); 234 (Home occupation signs); 303 (Preservation district sign regulations); 403 (Agricultural District sign regulations); 501 (Residential district use regulations); 504 (Residential District sign regulations); 605 (Apartment District sign regulations); 705 (Hotel District sign regulations); 805 (Office District sign regulations); 901 (Business District sign regulations); 905 (Business District sign regulations); 1001 (Industrial District use regulations); 1005 (Industrial District sign regulations); 1503 (RT-1 Resort Tourist District sign regulations); 1533 (RT-4 Resort Tourist District sign regulations); 2210 (Central Business Core District sign regulations); Oceanfront Resort District Form-Based Code Section 6.3 (OR Oceanfront Resort District sign regulations); Add Section 210.01 (General Regulations), and repeal Sections 211.1 (Roadside Guide signs); 212.1 (Removal of prohibited signs in public places); and 212.2 (Motor Vehicle signs).

15. CITY OF VIRGINIA BEACH – DEFERRED The adoption of the City of Virginia Beach Comprehensive Plan-It’s Our Future:  A Choice City, 2016, which will supersede the Virginia Beach Comprehensive Plan 2009 and will contain the following:  Preface [purpose and use of the Comprehensive Plan, public outreach and processes and elements of the Plan—policy document, technical report, reference handbook], planned land use map, urban areas [Strategic Growth Areas—Burton Station SGA, Centerville SGA, Newtown SGA, Pembroke SGA, Rosemont SGA, Lynnhaven SGA, Hilltop SGA, Resort Area SGA], Suburban Areas [Suburban Focus Areas—Shore Drive Corridor, North Courthouse/South Holland, Historic Kempsville Area, Virginia Aquarium & Owl’s Creek Area, First Colonial Medical Corridor, Sandbridge, North Beach (North End), Military Highway Corridor, Historic Seatack Community], Princess Anne Commons & Transition Area, Rural Area, Military Installations  & Support, Master Transportation Plan [Citywide transportation policies/complete streets, roadways, public transit, active transportation, other regional scale transportation planning, transportation demand management, intelligent transportation systems], environment stewardship framework [Sustainability Plan, water resources protection and management, parks and conserved lands, green infrastructure, living resources and ecosystem management (urban forestry, living shorelines, unique plant and animal habitats), sea level rise, recurrent flooding and hazard mitigation, land development and stormwater management, energy resources management and alternative energy development, solid and hazardous waste management, noise, light and air pollution management], Housing and Neighborhood Plan, economic vitality [Strategic Economic Growth Areas—SEGA 1-East Oceana, SEGA 2-West Oceana, SEGA 3-South Oceana, SEGA 4-Princess Anne Commons], plan implementation [implementing the plan, summary of policies, agenda for future action], the Technical Report, Reference Handbook, and the  following plans and amendments thereto: Virginia Beach Historic Resources Management Plan (1994), Natural Heritage Report (1994), Municipal Center Master Plan (1997), Consolidated Strategy and Plan for Housing and Community Development Programs, Public Facilities: General Aesthetic Guidelines (2000), Shore Drive Corridor Plan (2000), Southern Watershed Area Management Plan (2001)—Multiple Benefits Conservation Plan, Strategic Plan for Agriculture in Chesapeake and Virginia Beach, Southern Watershed Area Rural Area Preservation Plan, Conservation Plan for the Southern Watershed Area, Beach Management Plan, 2002, Shore Drive Corridor Design Guidelines (2002), Retail Establishments and Shopping Center Ordinance Guidelines (2002), Mixed Use Development Guidelines (2004), Hampton Roads Joint Land Use Study (2005), Old Beach Design Guidelines (2005), Historic Kempsville Area Master Plan (2006, amended 2014), APZ-1/Clear Zone Master Plan (2008), Virginia Beach Outdoors Plan (2008), Resort Area Strategic Action Plan (2008), Northampton Corridor Strategic Growth Area Implementation Plan (Burton Station) (2009), Pembroke Strategic Growth Area 4 Implementation Plan (2009, amended 2014), Major Street Network Ultimate Rights-of-Way (2010), Newtown Strategic Growth Area Master Plan (2010), Interfacility Traffic Area (ITA) and Vicinity Master Plan (2011), Bikeways and Trails Plan (2011), Rosemont Strategic Growth Area Master Plan (2011), Virginia Aquarium and Owls Creek Area Master Plan (2011), Lynnhaven Strategic Growth Area Master Plan (2012), Oceanfront Resort District Design Guidelines (2012), Hilltop Strategic Growth Area Master Plan (2012), Centerville Strategic Growth Area Master Plan (2013), Urban Forest Management Plan (2014), Transition Area Design Guidelines (2015), and Green Sea Blueway and Greenway Management Plan (2015)

16. CITY OF VIRGINIA BEACH – DEFERRED A resolution of the Planning Commission of the City of Virginia Beach recommending to the City Council the adoption of the City of Virginia Beach Comprehensive Plan-It’s Our Future: A Choice City, 2016, Including the Policy Document, Technical Report, Reference Handbook and all plans incorporated by reference which will supersede the 2009 Comprehensive Plan. [The Description Summary of the Comprehensive Plan, 2016 is included above] 

D1. TASTE UNLIMITED, LLC [APPLICANT/OWNER] APPROVAL (COUNCIL on April 5) Conditional Use Permit (Outdoor Recreational Facility) and a Modification of Proffers approved by City Council on July 2, 2013. 4097 Shore Drive dependence Boulevard (GPINS 1476594453, portion of 1489161962) COUNCIL DISTRICT–BAYSIDE

D2. AUTO AND EXPORT, INC. [APPLICANT] J & J SHIKELLAMY, LLC [OWNER] APPROVAL (COUNCIL on April 5) Conditional Use Permits (Automobile Repair Garage & Bulk Storage Yard) 569 Central Drive (GPIN 1496678840) COUNCIL DISTRICT–BEACH

D3. TITAN MYERS DEVELOPMENT, LLC [APPLICANT] KHJ, LLC, BESS P. DECKER, MONICA JOHNSON, TALMADGE C. HUNT, SR. REVOCABLE LIVING TRUST [OWNERS] APPROVAL (COUNCIL on April 19) Conditional Change of Zoning (R-7.5 Residential District to PD-H2 (A-12 Apartment District)) 4.449 acres between Daniel Smith Road and Connie Lane, east of Newtown Road (GPINs 1468318238, 1468318497, 1468410127, 1468410516). Comprehensive Plan: Suburban Area. Proposal is for 37 single-family dwellings in a condominium form of ownership (density of 8.5 units per acre) COUNCIL DISTRICT–KEMPSVILLE 

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