October 2017 PC Staff Reports

​​The Virginia Beach Planning Commission will hold a Public Hearing on Wednesday, October 11, 2017 at 12:00 Noon in the Council Chamber of the City Hall Building, Virginia Beach, Virginia to consider the following applications. A briefing session will be held at 9:00 a.m. in the City Manager's Conference Room, City Hall Building. Copies of the proposed ordinances, resolutions and amendments are on file and may be examined in the Department of Planning. For information call 385-4621. http://www.vbgov.com/pc If you are physically disabled or visually impaired and need assistance at this meeting, please call the CITY CLERK'S OFFICE at 385-4303.


1. TMSSR, LLC [Applicant] Village Drive Commons, LLC [Owner] APPROVAL (COUNCIL on November 7)​ Conditional Use Permit  (Tattoo Parlor) 620 Village Drive, Suite D (GPIN 24076738490001) COUNCIL DISTRICT – BEACH

2. KABP Development, LLC [Applicant &Owner] ​ APPROVAL (COUNCIL on November 7)​ Conditional Use Permit (Hair Care Center) 2033 Fisher Arch (GPIN 2414118775) COUNCIL DISTRICT – PRINCESS ANNE

3. KODU, LLC [Applicant] Fairfax Sixplex, LLC [Owner] APPROVAL (COUNCIL on November 7)​  Conditional Use Permit (Motor Vehicle Sales) 1165 Lynnhaven Parkway (GPIN 1486909402) COUNCIL DISTRICT – ROSE HALL

4. William & Christen Hickey [Applicant & Owner]  APPROVAL (COUNCIL on November 7)​  Change of Zoning (B-2 Community Business to R-20 Residential) 500 Davis Street (GPIN 1467496170) COUNCIL DISTRICT – KEMPSVILLE

5. McNeel Properties, LLC [Applicant] Reed Enterprises, Inc. [Owner]  DEFERRED  Modification of Conditions, Conditional Use Permit (Bulk Storage Yard) 3249 Dam Neck Road (GPIN 1495146175) COUNCIL DISTRICT – PRINCESS ANNE

6. Courthouse Area Charity [Applicant] Princess Anne Masonic Lodge Etc [Owner] APPROVAL (COUNCIL on November 21)​  Conditional Use Permit (Assembly Use) 2849 Princess Anne Road (GPIN 1494461205) COUNCIL DISTRICT – PRINCESS ANNE

7. Tony D, LLC [Applicant] City of Virginia Beach  [Owner]  DEFERRED Conditional Change of Zoning (AG-2 Agriculture to Conditional O-2 Office) Northwest corner of Princess Anne Road & Winterberry Lane (GPIN 1494096364) COUNCIL DISTRICT – PRINCESS ANNE

8. Cavalier Golf & Yacht Club [Applicant] ​ APPROVAL (COUNCIL on November 21)​  Street Closure  Portion of Cardinal Road (Adjacent to GPIN 2418246584) COUNCIL DISTRICT – LYNNHAVEN

9. New Cingular Wireless PCS, LLC c/o Jacobs Telecommunications Inc. [Applicant] AIMOCO Maple Bay, LLC [Owner]  DEFERRED  Conditional Use Permit (Small Cell Wireless Facility) 1800 English Court (GPIN 2407577184) COUNCIL DISTRICT – BEACH

10. Baker Villas, LLC & Ocean Rental Properties, LLC [Applicants] Baker Villas, LLC, Ocean Rental Properties, James Edward Sollner & Linda Susan Sollner [Owners]  DEFERRED Conditional Rezoning (R-7.5 to Conditional A-18) 504 Baker Road (GPINs 1468408255,1468407007, and portions of 1468500209, 1468409386, 1468409432, 1468407370, 1468407461) COUNCIL DISTRICT – KEMPSVILLE

11. Rhett Rebold [Applicant] Derrick Borte [Owner]  APPROVAL (COUNCIL on November 7) Conditional Use Permit (Craft Brewery & Open-Air Market) 505 18th Street (GPIN 2427071188) COUNCIL DISTRICT - BEACH

D1. Water Boxes, LLC [Applicant & Owner] Conditional Use Permit (Multi-Family Dwelling & Commercial Marina) APPROVAL (COUNCIL on November 21)​  Conditional Rezoning (B-2 Community Business & R-7.5 Residential to Conditional B-4 Mixed Use & P-1 Preservation ) 2100 Marina Shores Drive (GPINs 1499487413, & a portion of 1499589755) COUNCIL DISTRICT – LYNNHAVEN

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