November 2017 PC Staff Reports

​​​​​​​​The Virginia Beach Planning Commission will hold a Public Hearing on Wednesday, November 8, 2017 at 12:00 Noon in the Council Chamber of the City Hall Building, Virginia Beach, Virginia to consider the following applications. A briefing session will be held at 9:00 a.m. in the City Manager's Conference Room, City Hall Building. Copies of the proposed ordinances, resolutions and amendments are on file and may be examined in the Department of Planning. For information call 385-4621. If you are physically disabled or visually impaired and need assistance at this meeting, please call the CITY CLERK'S OFFICE at 385-4303.


Standard Package of Agenda with Staff Reports​​​​​​​


Interactive Portfolio of Agenda with Staff Reports​​​​​​​​​​​​

1. Elite Therapies, Inc. [Applicant] Rose Hall Shoppes Associates [Owner]  APPROVAL (COUNCIL on December 5) Conditional Use Permit (Tattoo Parlor) 3101 Virginia Beach Boulevard, Suite 108 (GPIN 1497153397) COUNCIL DISTRICT – BEACH

2. Goodwill of Central and Coastal Virginia, Inc. [Applicant] Southern Bank and Trust Company [Owner]  APPROVAL (COUNCIL on December 5) Conditional Rezoning (O-2 Office to Conditional B-2 Community Business) 1124 First Colonial Road (GPIN 2408546615) COUNCIL DISTRICT – LYNNHAVEN

3. Stephen L. Rohring [Applicant] Stephen L. & Lynnette M. Rohring [Owner]  WITHDRAWN Subdivision Variance (Section 4.4 (b) of the Subdivision Regulations) 359 Lake Drive (GPIN 2427144827) COUNCIL DISTRICT – BEACH

4. & 5. Spence Crossing Properties, LC [Applicant & Owner]  APPROVAL (COUNCIL on December 5) Conditional Rezoning (Conditional B-4 Mixed Use to Conditional PD-H2 (A-12) Apartment & Modification of Proffers Southwest side of Princess Anne Road (GPIN 1485152560) COUNCIL DISTRICT – CENTERVILLE

6. City of Virginia Beach, Dept. of Aquariums & Museums [Applicant & Owner]  APPROVAL (COUNCIL on December 12)​ Major Entertainment Venue Signage Permit 717 General Booth Boulevard & 928 S. Birdneck Road (GPINs 2416987653, 2416758858) COUNCIL DISTRICT – BEACH

7. City of Virginia Beach [Applicant & Owner]   APPROVAL (COUNCIL on December 5)  Conditional Rezoning (I-1 Light Industrial & R-2.5 Residential to Conditional I-1 Light Industrial) 373 & 411 S. Birdneck Road (GPINs 2417411312, 2417408720, portions of 2417317606, 2417203629) COUNCIL DISTRICT – BEACH

8. City of Virginia Beach -  APPROVAL (COUNCIL on December 5) - An Ordinance to Amend and Reorganize Appendix 1, Oceanfront Resort District Form-Based Code, of the City Zoning Ordinance pertaining to Definitions (Chapters 1 and 8); Frontage and Building Types (Chapter 2); Setbacks (Chapter 3); Height (Chapter 4); Uses (Chapter 5); Site Development (Chapter 6); Optional Forms of Development and Alternative Compliance (Chapter 7); and Signs (Chapter 8).

9. City of Virginia Beach - APPROVAL (COUNCIL on December 5) - An Ordinance to Adopt and Incorporate into the Virginia Beach Comprehensive Plan 2016, the ViBe Creative District Connectivity Plan, dated October 2017; and the "Oceanfront Resort District Connector Park Design Guidelines," dated April 2017; and to Amend the "Oceanfront Resort District Design Guidelines," dated October  2017.

10. City Of Virginia BeachAPPROVAL (COUNCIL on December 12) - An Ordinance to Adopt and Incorporate the "Interfacility Traffic Area and Vicinity Master Plan," dated September 2017, into the Virginia Beach Comprehensive Plan 2016, and to Amend and Revise the following Sections of the Policy Document of the Virginia Beach Comprehensive Plan 2016: Planned Land Use Map (pertaining to Special Economic Growth Areas); Executive Summary; Section 1.3 (Suburban Area); Section 1.4 (Princess Anne & Transition Area); Section 1.6 (Military Installations and Support); and Section 2.4 (Economic Vitality).

11. City of Virginia BeachAPPROVAL (COUNCIL on December 12) -  An Ordinance to Amend Sections 111 and 501 of the City Zoning Ordinance pertaining to the Deletion of the Definition of Servants Quarters and the Addition of the Definition for Limited Use Accessory Dwelling Unit.

12. City of Virginia BeachAPPROVAL (COUNCIL on December 12) - An Ordinance to Amend Sections 801, 901, and 2203 of the City Zoning Ordinance Pertaining to Business and Vocational Schools in the Office, Buisness and the Central Business Core Districts.

13. City of Virginia BeachAPPROVAL (COUNCIL on December 5) - An Ordinance to Amend Sections 111 and 203 of the City Zoning Ordinance pertaining to the Definition of Municipal Oceanfront Entertainment Venue and the Deletion of the requirement of Ten Year Shared Parking Agreements.

14. & 15. Bonney Road VB, LLC [Applicant & Owner]  APPROVAL (COUNCIL on December 12) Street Closure & Modification of Conditions (Motor Vehicle Sales and Automobile Repair Garage) 3825 Bonney Road and Avenue "H" unimproved, south side of Bonney Road (GPIN 1487330781) COUNCIL DISTRICT – LYNNHAVEN

16. Reed Enterprises, Inc.  [Applicant & Owner]  APPROVAL (COUNCIL on December 5)  Modification of Conditions West side of Holland Road (GPIN 1495138628) COUNCIL DISTRICT – PRINCESS ANNE

D1. McNeel Properties, LLC [Applicant] Reed Enterprises, Inc. [Owner]  APPROVAL (COUNCIL on December 5)​ Modification of Conditions & Conditional Use Permit (Bulk Storage Yard) 3249 Dam Neck Road (GPIN 1495146175) COUNCIL DISTRICT – PRINCESS ANNE

D2. New Cingular Wireless PCS, LLC c/o Jacobs Telecommunications Inc. [Applicant] AIMOCO Maple Bay, LLC [Owner]  APPROVAL (COUNCIL on December 5) Conditional Use Permit (Small Cell Wireless Facility)1800 English Court (GPIN 2407577184) COUNCIL DISTRICT – BEACH

D3. Baker Villas, LLC & Ocean Rental Properties, LLC [Applicants] Baker Villas, LLC, Ocean Rental Properties, James Edward Sollner & Linda Susan Sollner [Owners]​   APPROVAL (COUNCIL on December 5) Conditional Rezoning (R-7.5 to Conditional A-18) 504 Baker Road &  5501, 5505, & 5513  Connie Lane (GPINs 1468408255,1468407007, and portions of 1468500209, 1468409386, 1468409432, 1468407370, 1468407461) COUNCIL DISTRICT – KEMPSVILLE​

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