January 2022 PC Staff Reports

A Public Hearing of the Virginia Beach Planning Commission will be held on Wednesday, January 12, 2022 at 12:00 p.m. in the Council Chamber at City Hall, Building 1, 2nd Floor at 2401 Courthouse Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23456. Members of the public will be able to observe the Planning Commission meeting through livestreaming on www.vbgov.com, broadcast on VBTV, and via WebEx. Citizens who wish to speak can sign up to speak either in-person at the Council Chamber or virtually via WebEx by completing the two-step process below. A Staff briefing session will be held at 9:00 a.m.. All interested parties are invited to observe.

If you wish to make comments virtually during the public hearing, please follow the two-step process provided below:

1.     Register for the WebEx at:


2.     Register with the Planning Department by calling 757-385-4621 or via email at niGarrido@vbgov.com prior to 5:00 p.m. on January 11, 2022.

Copies of the proposed plans, ordinances, amendments and/or resolutions are on file and may be examined by appointment in the Planning Department at 2875 Sabre St, Suite 500, Virginia Beach, VA 23452 or online at www.vbgov.com/pc. For information call 757-385-4621. Staff Reports will be available on the webpage 5 days prior to the meeting.

If you require a reasonable accommodation for this meeting due to a disability, please call the Planning Department at 757-385-4621. If you are hearing impaired, you can contact Virginia Relay at 711 for TDD service. The meeting will be broadcast on cable TV, www.vbgov.com and Facebook Live.

Please check our website at www.vbgov.com/pc for the most updated meeting information.


Standard Packet of Agenda with Staff Reports

City of Virginia Beach APPROVAL An Ordinance to amend Section 1301 and 1303 of the City Zoning Ordinance in regard to Historic and Cultural Districts, adding Historic and Cultural District Design Guidelines and staff exceptions.

City of Virginia BeachAPPROVAL An Ordinance to amend the Comprehensive Plan 2016 with the addition of the Virginia Beach Historic & Cultural District Design Guidelines, Nov 2021, and revisions to the Comprehensive Plan 2016 in regard thereto.

Cecilia Patterson (Applicant) APPROVAL (COUNCIL on February 15) Chambord Commons, LLC (Property Owner) Conditional Use Permit (Tattoo Parlor) Address: 328 N Great Neck Road, Suite 103 GPIN(s): 2407065012 Council District: Beach

Watson Real Estate II, LLC (Applicant) APPROVAL (COUNCIL on February 15) Southern Conference of the United Church of Christ, Inc. (Property Owner) Conditional Use Permits (Animal Hospital & Commercial Kennel) Address: 2497 North Landing Road GPIN(s): 1494811072, 1494800978 Council District: Princess Anne

Pups & Pints, LLC (Applicant) APPROVAL(COUNCIL on March 1)  Navy Federal Credit Union (Property Owner) Conditional Use Permit (Craft Brewery) Address: 2413 London Bridge Road GPIN(s): 2404896739 Council District: Princess Anne

Metro Towing Company, Inc (Applicant) APPROVAL (COUNCIL on February 15) Intracoastal Assets, LLC (Property Owner) Conditional Use Permit (Bulk Storage Yard) Address: 1194 Bells Road GPIN(s): 2416474808 Council District: Beach

Dragas Associates, Inc (Applicant) APPROVAL (COUNCIL on February 15) Hawkins Mill, LC, Hawkins Mill at Haygood Condominium Association, Inc (Property Owners) Conditional Rezoning (R-10 Residential District to Conditional A-24 Apartment District (0.69-acres)) & Modification of Proffers for construction of 16 additional multi-family dwellings for a total of 104 units on 9.65 acres at a density of 10.78 units per acre) Address: 5000 & 5024 Haygood Road GPIN(s): 1468934983, 1468933539 Council District: Bayside

Aswini Kumar Pradhan & Puspalata Pradhan  (Applicants & Property Owners) APPROVAL (COUNCIL on February 15) Modification of Proffers Address: Along Horse Pasture Road, between 1521 Taylor Farm Road and 2617 Horse Pasture Road GPIN(s): 1495750349 Council District: Rose Hall

MitchBTattoos, LLC dba Greyscale Tattoo Gallery (Applicant) APPROVAL (COUNCIL on February 15) Southern Star Commons, LLC (Property Owner) Conditional Use Permit (Tattoo Parlor) Address: 265 Jersey Avenue, Suite 106 GPIN(s): 1467856427 Council District: Bayside

Anderton Enterprises, Inc. (Applicant) APPROVAL (COUNCIL on March 1) Clemson JBS, LLC (Property Owner) Conditional Use Permit (Automobile Repair Garage) Address: 4912 Rutherford Road, Suite 104 GPIN(s): 1479233301 Council District: Bayside

Envision Studio, Inc. (Applicant) APPROVAL (COUNCIL on February 15) Woodway Knob Hill, LLC (Property Owner) Conditional Use Permit (Tattoo Parlor) Address: 6361 Indian River Road, Suite 107 GPIN(s): 1456244833 Council District: Centerville

Meirong Newlon (Applicant) APPROVAL (COUNCIL on February 15) Landstown Commons Owner, LLC (Property Owner) Conditional Use Permit (Tattoo Parlor) Address: 3312 Princess Anne Road GPIN(s): 1495001218 Council District: Princess Anne

Todd Sweigart (Applicant & Property Owner) APPROVAL (COUNCIL on March 1) Conditional Use Permit (Short Term Rental) Address: 505 19th Street GPIN(s): 2427071526 Council District: Beach

Ralph Brian Sloop (Applicant & Property Owner) APPROVAL (COUNCIL on March 1) Conditional Use Permit (Short Term Rental) Address: 313 15th Street GPIN(s): 2427163367 Council District: Beach

Suzanne Ling (Applicant & Property Owner) APPROVAL (COUNCIL on March 1) Conditional Use Permit (Short Term Rental) Address: 4005 Atlantic Avenue, Unit 114 GPIN(s): 2428051448 Council District: Beach

James D. White Revocable Living Trust (Applicant & Property Owner) APPROVAL (COUNCIL on January 18) Conditional Use Permit (Short Term Rental) Address: 407 18th Street, Unit A GPIN(s): 24270763310001 Council District: Beach

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