Historic and Cultural Districts

In 1968, the Virginia Beach City Council established Historic and Cultural Overlay Districts to preserve and protect certain areas, structures, and objects within the City that have historic and cultural significance. These districts are created by ordinance only after review by the Planning Commission and approval by City Council.
  1. Lynnhavenhouse.jpgThe Adam Keeling House
  2. Adam Thorou​ghgood House
  3. Lynnhaven House
  4. Old Donation Church
  5. Ferry P​lantation House
  6. Pembroke Manor
  7. Carraway House
  8. Francis Land House
  9. Upper Wolfsnare House
  10. Thomas Murray House
  11. Nimmo Church
  12. Old Princess Anne County Courthouse (includes the Whitehurst-Buffington House)
  13. Church Point Manor
  14. Thomas Lovette House
  15. deWitt Cottage

  16. Seatack Life Saving Station/U.S. Coast Guard Station


Development within Historic and Cultural Districts is restricted. Procedurally, no building permit may be issued without being granted a Certificate of Appropriateness. This is issued by the Historical Review Board after review by the Historical Review Board. This board evaluates the development proposal as to its compatibility with the district. Uses are encouraged which will lead to continuance, conservation and improvement only in a manner appropriate to preservation of the City's heritage. This inclu​des LynnhavenHouseNorthsideFireplace preventing environmental influences adverse to such purposes and assuring that new structures and uses within such districts will be in keeping with the character to be preserved and enhanced.

In addition to the regulations established in the ordinance creating the Historic and Cultural District, the underlying regulations of the zoning district within which the Historic and Cultural District is located will remain applicable. If any conflict occurs, the more restrictive provisions will be applicable.
For detailed information on Historic and Cultural District regulations, see Article 13 of Appendix A Zoning Ordinance in the Virginia Beach City Code.
A separate program known as the Virginia Beach Historical Register program recognizes local historic resources of merit, which may or may not be in a Historic and Cultural Overlay District. This program was introduced by the City in 2000 and is administered by the Department of Planning and Community Development. You can learn more about the Virginia Beach Historical Register by calling (757) 385-4621 or by visiting the Historic Preservation Commission web site www.vbgov.com/historicpreservation.