February 2017 PC Staff Reports

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Virginia Beach Planning Commission will hold a Public Hearing on Wednesday, February 8, 2017 at 12:00 Noon in the Council Chambers of the City Hall Building, Virginia Beach, Virginia to consider the following applications.  A briefing session will be held at 9:00 a.m. in the City Manager's Conference Room, City Hall Building.  Copies of the proposed ordinances, resolutions and amendments are on file and may be examined in the Department of Planning.  For information call 385-4621. If you are physically disabled or visually impaired and need assistance at this meeting, please call the CITY Clerk's Office at 385-4303.


Standard Package of Agenda with Staff Reports​​​​​​


Interactive Portfolio of Agenda with Staff Reports​​​​​​​

1. 1508 Dedham, LLC [Applicant] ACT Partners [Owner] (APPROVED (Council on March 21) Conditional Use Permit (Craft Brewery) WITHDRAWN (Open-Air Market) 2272 W Great Neck Road, Suite 2268 (GPIN 1590302212) COUNCIL DISTRICT – LYNNHAVEN​

2. Muhammad Rabbani [Applicant] Guardian Properties II LLC [Owner]  DEFERRED Conditional Use Permit (Motor Vehicle Sales) 801 S. Lynnhaven Road (GPIN 1496249644) COUNCIL DISTRICT – ROSE HALL

3. Central Drive Mini Storage, Inc. [Applicant & Owner]  (APPROVED (Council on March 7) Modification of Proffers Northeast corner of General Booth Boulevard & Nimmo Parkway (GPINs 2414174511, 2414077143, 2414172167, 2414170309, 2414173206) COUNCIL DISTRICT – PRINCESS ANNE

4. Salem Lakes Storage, LLC, a VA Limited Liability Company [Applicant & Owner]  (APPROVED (Council on March 21) Modification of Proffers & Modification of Conditions 1980 Salem Road (GPIN 1475905719) COUNCIL DISTRICT – CENTERVILLE

5. 21st Development, LLC [Applicant & Owner] DEFERRED Alternative Compliance 415 & 417 21st Street (GPIN 2427083336) COUNCIL DISTRICT – BEACH

6. Robert B. & Diana C. Davis [Applicant & Owner]  (APPROVED (Council on March 21) Conditional Use Permit (Home-Based Wildlife Rehabilitation 1804 Rainbow Court (GPIN 1475938223) COUNCIL DISTRICT – CENTERVILLE

7. Soho Lashes, LLC [Applicant] Potter Properties Group, LLC [Owner]  (APPROVED (Council on March 21) Conditional Use Permit (Tattoo Parlor) 1616 Hilltop West Shopping Center (GPIN 2407890555) COUNCIL DISTRICT – LYNNHAVEN

8. Elbow Road Investments, LLC [Applicant] Lyman Stuart Clarke [Owner]  (APPROVED (Council on March 7) Subdivision Variance (Section 4.4 (b) of the Subdivision Regulations) 4261 Elbow Road & parcel located at eastern corner of the intersection of Elbow Road & Indian River Road (GPINs 1474454492, 1474453342) COUNCIL DISTRICT – PRINCESS ANNE

9. Smartmouth Brewing Co., LLC [Applicant] Runnymede Corp. [Owner] (APPROVED (Council on March 7) Conditional Use Permit (Craft Brewery) 313 32nd Street (GPIN 2418928642) COUNCIL DISTRICT – BEACH

10. McDonald Garden Market, LLC [Applicant] PMIG 1020, LLC [Owner] (APPROVED (Council on March 7) Conditional Use Permit (Open-Air Market) 4664 Princess Anne Road (GPIN 1476431521) COUNCIL DISTRICT – KEMPSVILLE

11. The Bunny Hutch, Inc.[Applicant] Justin M. Failla [Owner]​ (APPROVED (Council on March 7) Conditional Use Permit (Animal Shelter) 1165 Jensen Drive (GPIN 2417434300) COUNCIL DISTRICT – BEACH

12. Virginia Beach Community Development Corporation [Applicant & Owner]  DEFERRED Modification of Conditions (Assembly Use) 5865 Pickering Street (GPIN 1468107265) COUNCIL DISTRICT - KEMPSVILLE

D1. City of Virginia Beach [Applicant & Owner] ​ (APPROVED (Council on March 21) Modification of Conditions (Borrow Pit) North Side of Norfolk – Southern ROW, West of Air Station Drive (GPIN 2407346916) COUNCIL DISTRICT – BEACH 


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