December 11, 2019 PC Staff Reports

​​​​​​The Virginia Beach Planning Commission will hold a Public Hearing on Wednesday, December 11, 2019 at 12:00 Noon in the Council Chamber of the City Hall Building, Virginia Beach, Virginia to consider the following applications. A briefing session will be held at 9:00 a.m. in the City Manager's Conference Room, City Hall Building. Copies of the proposed ordinances, resolutions and amendments are on file and may be examined in the Department of Planning. For information call 385-4621. If you are physically disabled or visually impaired and need assistance at this meeting, please call the CITY CLERK'S OFFICE at 385-4303.


Standard Package of Agenda with Staff Reports​​

1. Kim Smith [Applicant] Fourteen Forty, LLC [Owner] APPROVAL (COUNCIL on January 21) Conditional Use Permit (Tattoo Parlor) 1440 N Great Neck Road, Suite D (GPIN 2408195434) COUNCIL DISTRICT – LYNNHAVEN

2. Baillio Sand Company, Inc. [Applicant] Robert White Jr. & Robert White Sr. Family Trust [Owners] APPROVAL (COUNCIL on January 21) Modification of Conditions (Borrow Pit) West side of Princess Anne Lane, 299 feet west of the intersection of Princess Anne Lane and Princess Anne Road (GPINs 2403875312 & 2403863665) COUNCIL DISTRICT – PRINCESS ANNE

3. Hannah & Hamilton Gubanc [Applicants & Owners] APPROVAL (COUNCIL on January 21) Street Closure Adjacent to 770 Woodstock Road (GPIN 1456741919) COUNCIL DISTRICT – KEMPSVILLE

4. Barnes & Noble [Applicant] Columbus Town Center, LLC [Owner] DEFERRED Alternative Compliance 4485 Virginia Beach Boulevard (GPIN 1477644979) COUNCIL DISTRICT – LYNNHAVEN

5. VAB 23rd Street, LLC [Applicant & Owner] APPROVAL (COUNCIL on January 21) Alternative Compliance 305, 309, 311 23rd Street (GPINs 2427098247, 2427097188, & 2427097214) COUNCIL DISTRICT – BEACH

6. Noureddine Houssni [Applicant] Newtown Thurston, LLC [Owner] APPROVAL (COUNCIL on January 21) Conditional Use Permit (Automotive Repair Garage) 5900 Thurston Avenue, Suite G (GPIN 1459931541) COUNCIL DISTRICT – BAYSIDE

7 & 8. Back Bay Wildfowl Guild T/A Atlantic Wildfowl Heritage Museum [Applicant] City of Virginia Beach [Owner] APPROVAL (COUNCIL on January 21) Conditional Use Permit (Assembly Use) Modification of Conditions (Open Air Market) 1113 Atlantic Avenue (GPINs 2427255317 & 2427255322) COUNCIL DISTRICT – BEACH

9. Christopher J. Ocampo [Applicant] Mary Holden [Owner] APPROVAL (COUNCIL on January 21) Conditional Use Permit (Automotive Repair Garage) 2505 Horse Pasture Road, Suite 101 (GPIN 1495857045) COUNCIL DISTRICT – ROSE HALL

10. Ocean Rental Properties, LLC [Applicant & Owner] APPROVAL (COUNCIL on January 21) Subdivision Variance (Section 4.4(d) of the Subdivision Regulations) 5568 Shell Road (GPIN 1469311163) COUNCIL DISTRICT – KEMPSVILLE

11. Greg McMakin [Applicant] Mills Collins, LC [Owner] APPROVAL (COUNCIL on January 21) Conditional Use Permit (Bulk Storage Yard) 4145 Virginia Beach Boulevard (GPIN 1487050053) COUNCIL DISTRICT – LYNNHAVEN

12 & 13. Judeo-Christian Outreach Center, Inc. [Applicant & Owner] APPROVAL (COUNCIL on February 18) Conditional Use Permit (Single Room Occupancy Facility) Modification of Conditions (Group Home) 1049 & 1053 Virginia Beach Boulevard (GPINs 2417652620 & 2417653527) COUNCIL DISTRICT – BEACH

14. Scott Koehler [Applicant] Scott and Heather Koehler [Owners] APPROVAL (COUNCIL on January 21) Conditional Use Permit (Short-Term Rental) 2513 Beaufort Avenue (GPIN 1570428135) COUNCIL DISTRICT – BAYSIDE

15. Brandy Flotten [Applicant] Andrew & Brandy Flotten [Owners] APPROVAL (COUNCIL on February 18) Conditional Use Permit (Short-Term Rental) 1804 Baltic Avenue, Unit D (GPIN 2427072274) COUNCIL DISTRICT – BEACH

16. Armando & Patricia Ellis [Applicants & Owners] APPROVAL (COUNCIL on January 21) Conditional Use Permit (Short-Term Rental) 901 Park Landing Court (GPIN 1475528133) COUNCIL DISTRICT – CENTERVILLE

17. John H. Davis [Applicant & Owner] APPROVAL (COUNCIL on January 21) Conditional Use Permit (Short-Term Rental) 1434 Gannet Run (GPIN 2417526621) COUNCIL DISTRICT – BEACH

18. Joshua Lippoldt [Applicant & Owner]​ APPROVAL (COUNCIL on January 21) Conditional Use Permit (Short-Term Rental) 2508 Mediterranean Avenue (GPIN 2417991703) COUNCIL DISTRICT – BEACH

19, 20, & 21. HH VB2 LLC [Applicant & Owner]​ DENIAL (COUNCIL on January 21) Conditional Use Permit (Short-Term Rental) 400 & 402 33rd Street,  3216 Arctic Avenue (GPIN 2418925567) COUNCIL DISTRICT – BEACH​​

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