Centerville Strategic Growth Area Master Plan

​​​Please Click to Enlarge MapThe Centerville Strategic Growth Area (SGA) Plan is the last of eight SGAs to be master planned in the City of Virginia Beach.  The SGAs are identified in the 2009 Comprehensive Plan as areas designated to absorb future growth in our City.  Rather than relying on the remaining inventory of undeveloped land, these Strategic Growth Areas will accommodate growth at higher densities, thereby averting continued suburban sprawl.

Preparing the Centerville Master Plan

The City has hired Urban Design Associates (UDA), a world renowned consulting firm with headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who has worked with a team of local sub-consultants to take the general recommendations from the Comprehensive Plan and study this SGA in more detail.  With broad community stakeholder input, UDA and its team will help the City develop a long-range master plan for the Centerville SGA.  This public planning process will include three phases:
  1. Understanding - Gaining a detailed understanding of the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities in the area and the goals of the stakeholders. (May 2-3, 2012)
  2. Exploring - Developing plans and drawings in a design charrette to brainstorm a number of possible design and development alternatives. (June 4-7, 2012)
  3. Deciding - Narrowing the choices to arrive at consensus solutions. September 24-25, 2012)*

This three-phase process has been used for several other area plans in Virginia Beach, including the Burton Station, Newtown, Rosemont, Lynnhaven and Hilltop SGA Plans, as well as the Interfacility Traffic Area (ITA) and Vicinity Plan.

*Due to the extensive amount of public involvement and comments on this plan, the "Deciding" phase was extended to allow for more plan revisions and another public meeting, which was held December 10.

Phase 1 – Understanding

The Centerville SGA planning process kicked off in early May 2012 with a series of meetings designed to explore existing conditions and seek stakeholder input on the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in the Centerville SGA.  Our consultants met with the Centerville SGA Steering Committee, various Focus Groups, and the public to present their findings on existing conditions and learn more from the stakeholders to gain a broad understanding of the area.  See the Results of Dot Exercise – Strengths, Weaknesses and Opportunities in the Centerville SGA.  Based on input from the public and stakeholders, the Steering Committee decided to expand the original boundaries of this SGA.

Phase 2 – Exploring

During the week of June 4, 2012, our consultant Design Team gathered to conduct a design workshop or “Charrette.”  The Team met early in the week with the Steering Committee and Focus Groups to review the findings and emerging design principles resulting from Phase 1.  The SGA boundary was expanded as shown in the map above. Using this information, the Design Team sketched several perspectives and plans to illustrate what Centerville could look like in the future.   Citizens were invited to view the work in progress and provide feedback during an Open House on June 6.  The refined plans and drawings developed during the charrette were presented at a public meeting on June 7, where citizens provided further comments. See the Phase 2 Presentation.  Based on the comments received from Phase 2, our consultant Design Team will draft a master plan document, which will be presented during Phase 3.

Phase 3 - Deciding

During Phase 3, our consultant presented the Phase 3 draft of the master plan to the Planning Commission, the City Council, and the public.  See the Phase 3 Presentation.  The public meeting held on September 25 at Tallwood High School was very well attended with approximately 200 attendees.  Subject matter experts were on hand after the presentation to answer questions and hear comments. 
On November 14 during the Planning Commission's informal session, the City's Public Works Director provided a briefing on the long terms plans of the landfill and how those plans impact the Centerville SGA.  See the slides for the Landfill Briefing.

Phase 3 Extended - Revised Draft

The consultant team and City staff have prepared a revised draft dated November 30 responding to the comments received during Phase 3 of the planning process. Due to the amount of public comments and interest received during Phase 3, an additional public meeting was held December 10 at Atlantic Shores Baptist Church to present the revised draft of the Centerville SGA Plan, answer questions, and receive comments on the revisions.  The public meeting was well attended with over 100 attendees.  Following a presentation on the revised draft, there was a Town Hall style question and answer period followed by a setup of various topic tables staffed with subject matter experts equipped to answer a broad range of questions.  In addition to the topic tables, a group question and answer session was held specifically on the Woods Corner area for those interested in this topic. 

City Council Briefing

City Council was briefed on the Centerville SGA Master Plan on Tuesday, February 12, 2013.  This briefing is available to view via the City’s online Media Center

Approval Process

Planning Commission: Wednesday, February 13, 2013
On Wednesday, February 13, 2013, the Planning Commission voted 9-0 to recommend approval for the Centerville SGA Plan.  You can view the Planning Commission hearing and hear all of the comments via the City's online Media Center.

City Council Hearing for Public Comments: Tuesday, March 12, 2013
Several speakers spoke in favor of the Centerville SGA Plan at City Council's March 12 public hearing.  These speakers also requested timely implementation of the improvements called for in the SGA Plan and requested additional improvements in the Centerville District.  You can view the City Council hearing and hear all of the comments via the City's online Media Center.

City Council Hearing for Vote: Tuesday, March 26, 2013
City Council voted unanimously to adopt the Centerville SGA Plan at the March 26, 2013 public hearing.  One citizen spoke in favor of the plan, highlighting the recommendations for improved stormwater management.  You can view the City Council hearing via the City's online Media Center.
Copies of the Centerville SGA Plan are available for purchase from the Planning Department for $35 each.  For additional information, please contact Ashby Moss, Centerville SGA Project Manager, at (757) 385-4621 or
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