Southeastern Parkway & Greenbelt Location Study

​​​​More than 20 years ago, the Virginia Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration began considering the Southeastern Parkway and Greenbelt (SEPG) as a means of addressing transportation problems and needs within the Virginia Beach/Chesapeake region. Initially considered in the late 1990's, the study of the SEPG was reinitiated in 2003.
The 21-mile SEPG project area begins at the interchange of Interstates 64 and 464 in Chesapeake and extends generally east and northeast, around Stumpy Lake, terminating at Interstate 264 east of Oceana Naval Air Station in Virginia Beach. The SEPG is proposed as a limited access facility with varying four, six, or eight-lane sections, contained within an approximate 220- to 250-foot wide study corridor.
The study analyzed the alternative adopted by the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) in 1996, and other alternatives, including other Candidate Build Alternatives and the No Action Alternative, to the same level of detail. The study will also include the evaluation of necessary improvements along the Oak Grove Connector as well as the I-64/I-464 Interchange. This facility is listed in the Hampton Roads 2026 Long Range Transportation Plan as a tolled facility. Previous studies for this project have evaluated the use of HOV lanes.
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