Rosemont Strategic Growth Area (SGA) Master Plan

​​​​​The Rosemont Strategic Growth Area (SGA) Master Plan was approved by City Council on September 13, 2011.  The strategic growth area is located along Virginia Beach Boulevard generally bound by Stepney Lane to the west, Lampl Avenue to the north, Groveland Road to the east and Sentara Way to the south. The Rosemont SGA is one of eight areas identified by the City’s Comprehensive Plan as an opportunity to concentrate growth in a strategic and sustainable way.

The City commissioned Urban Design Associates (UDA), a world renowned consulting firm supported by a consultant team to prepare a master plan for the Rosemont Strategic Growth area.  The Process involved extensive public participation and was guided by a Steering Committee of stakeholders and representatives of the community and the City.   The planning process included three phases:
  1. Understanding – The consultant team gained a detailed understanding of the strengths, weakness and opportunities for the Rosemont area identified by stakeholders.
  2. Exploring – The consultant team used plan and perspective drawings in a design charrette to evaluate possible designs.
  3. Deciding – The design team and stakeholders narrowed the choices to arrive at consensus solutions.

 Phase 1 – Understanding

The Rosemont SGA planning effort began with an organization and goal setting meeting on Wednesday, February 9.  Following the kick off meeting the consultants conducted site documentation, focus group interviews, and the initial public meeting was held Thursday, February 10.  (See Rosemont SGA Plan Phase 1 Presentation

Phase 2 – Exploring

Consultants, stakeholders, and city staff worked on a design charrette the week of March 14 using analysis and feedback from Phase 1 to obtain more specific public input, sketch possible design alternatives, and refine principles for the Rosemont SGA.  Citizens were invited to an open house to view the work in progress and talk with the design team on Wednesday, March 16.  The refined design principles and design alternatives developed from the charrette were presented at a public meeting on Thursday, March 17. (See Rosemont SGA Plan Phase 2 Presentation)

Phase 3 – Deciding

On Wednesday, June 14, 2011 at Windsor Woods Elementary the public was invited to view and provide comments on the draft Rosemont SGA Master Plan.  The draft plan is the vision for the Rosemont SGA and a result of citizen input received from previous focus group and public meetings. (See Rosemont SGA Phase 3 Presentation)​

Planning Commission and City Council Hearings

The draft Rosemont SGA Master Plan was presented to Planning Commission on July 13, 2011 and deferred thirty days for plan modification.   The Rosemont SGA Master Plan – August 2011 was recommended for approval by Planning Commission on August 10, 2011 and approved by City Council September 13, 2011.  (See Rosemont SGA Master Plan – September 2011)
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