Resort Area Strategic Action Plan - Process and Adoption

​​​​​In October, 2007, Sasaki Associates was selected to provide a graphic vision of the Oceanfront Resort Area and to recommend implementation steps directed toward achievement of a common vision for the Resort Area. The plan is intended to serve as a tool to increase public awareness, understanding and appreciation of the strategic planning policies established for the Oceanfront Resort Area.
During the end of 2007 and then throughout 2008, Sasaki conducted interviews of various stakeholders in the Resort Area and conducted three Planning and Design Charrettes at the Convention Center. Each Charrette was well-attended, averaging over 100 attendees at each session. Participants included neighborhood residents of the Oceanfront and other areas of the City, resort area leaders, architects, developers, and other interested parties.
  • December 17-18, 2007 - The result of the first Charrette was the identification of three preliminary development concepts for the Resort Area.
  • February 28-29, 2008 - At the second Charrette, attendees participated in an exercise during which they discussed three alternative development concepts and created a preferred plan, taking what they felt were the best pieces from the three alternatives. The attendees then worked on development of a circulation plan for the Resort Area, consisting of pedestrian and vehicular movement as well as transit.
  • June 2-3, 2008 - A third Charrette resulted in the presentation of the final draft plan and discussion and input from the attendees regarding needed adjustments to the final draft.

On December 2, 2008, after additional discussion and analysis, the City Council adopted the Resort Area Strategic Action Plan (RASAP).

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