​Adopted by City Council December 20, 2005, The Old Beach Design Guidelines are a result of a community-based process facilitated by the City's Planning Department.   Beginning work in September 2004, the Old Beach Focus Group's mission was to establish a cooperative effort among local citizens, builders, and professionals working towards enhancing the character of Old Beach through establishing neighborhood design guidelines, a design review committee, and amending the City Zoning Ordinance to support the identified vision for Old Beach. The result of this joint effort was the drafting of design goals and a neighborhood vision, which function as the basis for Old Beach Design Guidelines.
The Old Beach Design Guidelines should be used as a resource for identifying appropriate style, size, and type of improvements or redevelopment that are encouraged within Old Beach.  Used in conjunction with City Zoning Ordinance regulations (Appendix A, Section 1900) and design review processes, recommended guidelines are intended to assist in the design process, providing incentives for compatible development within the Old Beach Overlay.