Lynnhaven Strategic Growth Area Master Plan

​​​​The Lynnhaven Strategic Growth Area (SGA) Master Plan was adopted by City Council on April 24, 2012 as an amendment to the City’s 2009 Comprehensive Plan (​).  The Lynnhaven SGA is one of 8 SGAs designated in the Comprehensive Plan to be planned to accommodate and absorb the City's urban growth in the future.  It is roughly centered on N. Lynnhaven Parkway and is bounded by Interstate 264, S. Lynnhaven Road and Potters Road to the south, Laskin Road and Upper Wolfsnare Plantation to the east, the north side of Virginia Beach Boulevard to the north, and the Rosemont SGA to the west.  Click here to view a map of the Lynnhaven SGA.
The Master Plan transforms under-utilized commercial property into a series of mixed-use and flexible development opportunities, along with targeted public infrastructure improvements. It is respectful of AICUZ land use restrictions given this SGA’s proximity to NAS Oceana, which preclude opportunities for new residential and hotel development.  Commercial properties can be repurposed over-time into higher-intensity uses to, in some cases, take advantage of the potential of transit service being considered for the area and, in other cases, to preserve and provide access to the Lynnhaven River.  The Lynnhaven River has been re-imagined from a forgotten and invisible state into the central and most active address in the SGA.  The river system becomes an organizing feature for new infill or redevelopment, creates a focal point for recreational and community activity, and serves as a natural facility for managing stormwater needs.  At the center of the SGA may be a new transit station on Southern Boulevard between N. Lynnhaven Road and N. Lynnhaven Parkway.  Existing neighborhoods with affordable housing are preserved and better connected with their surrounding commercial areas through sidewalk or trail and streetscape improvements.   A series of infrastructure improvement plans are included in the master plan that will set the stage for redevelopment of this SGA as a more urban, mixed-use district that better serves surrounding neighborhoods and businesses.
Preparing the Lynnhaven SGA Plan
The City commissioned Urban Design Associates (UDA), a world-renowned consulting firm supported by a local consultant team, to prepare a long-range master plan for the Lynnhaven SGA.  The planning process involved extensive public participation and was guided by a Steering Committee of community stakeholders and the City.  This public planning process included three phases:
Understanding - Gaining a detailed understanding of the problems and opportunities  and the goals of the stakeholders. (September 2011)
Exploring - Using plans and perspective drawings in a design workshop to evaluate a number of possible design and development alternatives. (October 2011)
Deciding - Narrowing the choices to arrive at consensus solutions. (November 2011 to March 2012)
Phase 1 - Understanding

The Lynnhaven SGA master planning effort began the week of September 7, 2011 with field survey and site documentation.   Following this, broad public input was obtained from the Steering Committee, various focus groups, key stakeholder interviews, and a public meeting regarding local history, site conditions, and planning issues to be considered.  Strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for this SGA were also identified.  There was consensus to expand the SGA planning area boundary across Virginia Beach Boulevard and further to the west to be contiguous with the Rosemont SGA boundary to include additional office and retail areas along the Boulevard.  The Phase 1 public meeting presentation can be viewed here.
Phase 2 - Exploring
During the week of October 3, 2011, the consultant team conducted a Design Workshop with the Steering Committee, focus groups and City staff using the analysis, public input, and emerging themes and SGA design principles from Phase 1.  The SGA planning area was expanded again to include several neighborhoods on recommendation of the Steering Committee.  Potential design concepts for the future of the Lynnhaven SGA where sketched and the design principles were refined throughout the workshop.  Citizens were able to view the work in progress and talk with the design team during a full-day Open House on October 5.  The refined SGA design principles and future design concepts developed from the workshop were presented at a public meeting on October 6.   The Phase 2 public meeting presentation can be viewed here.
Phase 3  - Deciding
Based on the feedback received during the Design Workshop, the consultant presented a draft vision and master plan for the Lynnhaven SGA to the Steering Committee, City Council, Planning Commission and the public during the week of December 12, 2011.  Public comment was received on the draft and direction was provided to the consultant to prepare the Final Draft Master Plan.  The Phase 3 public meeting presentation can be viewed here. Final Draft Plan: Planning Commission/City Council Briefings and Public Hearings
The Lynnhaven SGA Final Draft Master Plan was presented to the Planning Commission and City Council on March 13-14, 2012.  Following a public hearing on March 14 the Planning Commission referred the Final Draft Plan to City Council with a recommendation for approval.  City Council held a public comment meeting on March 27, 2012 and adopted the Master Plan on April 24, 2012 (see Lynnhaven SGA Master Plan – April 2012)
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