Interfacility Traffic Area (ITA) and Vicinity Master Plan

​​​​​Map of ITA flight corridor
The Interfacility Traffic Area (ITA) and Vicinity Master Plan ​was approved by City Council on January 25, 2011.  The ITA is a flight corridor between Oceana Naval Air Station and the Fentress Landing Field in Chesapeake.  The study area is located mainly between Princess Anne Road, North Landing Road, and Indian River Road.  Also included in the study area are Sub-Areas 2 and 3 from the Princess Anne Corridor Study, the Municipal Center, and some properties south of North Landing Road.

The City hired Landmark Design Group supported by a consultant team to prepare an implementation plan for this area using recommendations generated through citizen and stakeholder input.  The planning process included three phases:
  1. Understanding  - The consultant team gained a detailed understanding of the problems and opportunities and the goals of the stakeholders.
  2. Exploring - The consultant team used plan and perspective drawings in a design charrette to evaluate a number of possible designs.
  3. Deciding - The design team and stakeholders narrowed the choices to arrive at consensus solutions. 
Phase 1 - Understanding
The Virginia Beach ITA master planning effort kicked off with an organization and goal setting meeting on January 27th.  Following the kick off meeting the consultants met the week of March 8th for site documentation, focus group interviews, and the initial public meeting where over 160 homeowners, property owners, and business owners attended to participate in identifying the strengths, weaknesses and visions for the ITA. 
(See Phase 1: Summary of Findings and Charrette Preparation.)
Phase 2 – Exploring
Citizens attended a design charrette to participate with and observe the consultants using analysis and feedback from Phase 1 to sketch and evaluate possible design alternatives and principles for the ITA and Vicinity.  The design principles and design alternatives based on input received were presented at a public meeting April 8th where nearly one hundred citizens attended to view and comment. (See ITA Phase 2: Design Alternative Presentation - April 8, 2010. )
Phase 3 - Deciding
On Monday June 21, 2010 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at Floyd E. Kellam High School the public was invited to view and provide comments on a presentation of the Interfacility Traffic Area & Vicinity Master Plan before completion of the document.
(ITA Phase 3 Presentation - June 21, 2010)
Planning Commission and City Council Hearings
The draft ITA and Vicinity Master Plan was recommended for approval by the Planning Commission on December 8, 2010.  The item was deferred by City Council on December 14 and some modifications were made to the draft.  The plan was approved by City Council January 25, 2011.  


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