​Below is a summary of the Planning Commission Workshop held on February 7, 2018 on Short Term Rentals. 

​Plan​ning Commission Members in Attendance:
​Robert Thornton , Chair​David Weiner
​Dee Oliver, Vice Chair​Ron Ripley
​Jan Rucinski​Jack Wall
​Dave Redmond​Karen Kwasny
​Don Horsley​Michael Inman
Planning Staff in Attendance:
​Barry Frankenfield​Carolyn Smith
​Kevin Kemp​Jimmy McNamara
​​Approximate Number of Public in Attendance: 20
​​ ​
Documents Rev​iewed: ​​
  • ​Commissioner of Revenue existing Ordinance regarding short term rental as marked with comments (attached).
  • ​Review of Draft Planning Commission Short Term Rental Ordinance, January 24, 2018 (attached).
  • ​​Proposed parking requirements may be too restrictive:
    • ​​No requirements
    • ​​Administratively provide parking plan to Zoning Administrator
    • ​Designate parking requirements by zoning district
    • Recommendation - A parking plan illustrating how parking shall be provided…(final wording to be provided by the City Attorney’s Office).
Adjudicated Violations:
  • ​Concern - the one year limitation is unreasonable.
  • ​​Recommendation -  Adjudicated (conviction) violations in two calendar years.

Liability Insurance:​ ​
  • ​Concern - ​the amount needs to be included in the requirement. 
  • ​​Recommendation - $1,000,000 minimum.  Does not include "Home Sharing".
Notice of inspection:
  • ​​Recommendation - 24 hour notice to contact person and owner.
Posting Complete Text of City Code:
  • ​​Recommendation - The code posting requirement should summarize the ordinances and restrictions (delete complete text) as provided/approved by Zoning Administrator.
  • ​​Recommendation - Consider language to address both home sharing and Short Term Rentals.
​Accessory Uses: 
  • ​​The way it is written pool houses and detached accessory structures are not permitted.  No objection from the Planning Commission. 
​Revised Planning Commission Recommendation Ordinance to be prepared and provided to the Commission for review. 

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