Short-Term Rental properties meeting the grandfather status requirements of Appendix A, Article 2, Section 241.2(12); Short Term Rental properties that were approved by City Council via a Conditional Use Permit prior to September 7, 2021; Short Term Rental properties located within the Sandbridge Special Service District; all three Short-Term Rental types just described may continue use as Short-Term Rentals; however, they all MUST meet the requirements of Section 241.2 of the City Zoning Ordinance AND obtain an annual Short-Term Rental Zoning Permit*

Owners of property located within the OR (Oceanfront Resort) Short-Term Rental Overlay District may apply for a Conditional Use Permit to operate a Short-Term Rental. Click here for the Conditional Use Permit application and here for a map of the OR Short-Term Rental Overlay District. 

All Other Properties Are Prohibited From Short-Term Rental Use

* A yearly $200.00 Zoning permit is required for all eligible Short-Term Rentals (City Code 2-385(b))


Short-Term Rental: 

When an entire dwelling is rented for less than thirty (30) consecutive days for compensation.

A yearly Short-Term Rental Zoning permit is required for all eligible Short-Term Rentals in Virginia Beach.

Home Sharing: 

When a room or rooms are offered for rent for less than thirty (30) consecutive days by the homeowner who uses the dwelling as his/her principal residence and occupies the dwelling during all rental periods.

If an address will be used for Home Sharing, no Zoning Permit is required. Instead, simply contact the Commissioner of the Revenue to register the Home Share (757-385-4515).

Please refer to Section 241.2 of the City Zoning Ordinance for more information on Short-Term Rentals

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