Site Plans

​​​​​The links provided below will contain information, processes, and documents used during the review and approval of Site Plans by the Development Services Center (DSC). ​

Adobe .PDF FormatWord Format​
Single Family Site Plan Checklist Usable DraftWord document icon
Single Family Site Plan Checklist Overview and InstructionsAdobe PDF icon
​Single Family Site Plan General NotesAdobe PDF iconWord document icon
​​Preliminary Pro​ject Request (PPR) FormAdobe PDF iconWord document icon
General Notes for Site Plans and Subdivision Construction Plans​ Adobe PDF icon Word document icon
Virginia Erosion and Sediment Control MS19 Plan Checklist​ Adobe PDF icon Word document icon
Single Family Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area (CBPA) Resource Protection Area (RPA)
Single Family - Small Projects in the Resource Protection Area (RPA)
Single Family - Infill Development
Multi-Lot Single Family and Duplex
Two Single Family Units on One Lot (Old Beach)
Duplex Site Plans
Commercial Site Plans
Communication Towers and Antennas
Erosion & Sediment Control/Land Disturbing Activity/Stormwater Management Plans
Pump Station Site Plans (Public Sanitary Sewer)
Land Management Plans


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