DSC Information Notices

​​​​Development Services Center (DSC) Information Notices are provided to assist our customers by notifying them of changes to policies, standards, processes, procedures and general information related to the land development plan, plat and document review and approval processes. The information contained in these Notices, including staff members and contacts, is subject to change without notice.
​​​Notice Number​Subject​
9. Addresses for Site Plans​
10.​ Certificate of Completion - July 15, 1991​
13.​ Subdivision Performance Surety - October 13, 1992​
15.​ Acreage & GPIN for Open Space - February 3, 1993​
20.​ & 20A. Standard Format for Letter of Credit - November 18, 1993 (20A)​
30.​ Public Deed of Easement - April 15, 1994​
31.​ Complete Addresses, ERU and GPIN for Condominiums - April 26, 1994​
32.​ Presubmittal Meeting for Private Wells - May 16, 1994
33.​ Land Management for Private Wells - May 18, 1994​
34.​ Certification of Completion (Revised) - May 19, 1994​
37.​ & 37A. Final Subdivision Plat Submittal Package
39.​ BMP As-Built Site Plans - February 3, 1995​
46.​ Public Deed of Easement, SWMF Agreement Update, and Trees & Residential Lots Brochure - August 16, 1995​
47.​ Dedications - Development Plan Review - September 22, 1995​
48.​ Stormwater Management Ordinance - Certification by the Applicant or Developer - March 8, 1995​
49.​ Civil Inspection and Public Utilities Inspection Fees and Erosion and Sediment Control Permit and Inspection Fees - April 9, 1996​
52.​ Hauling Activity Associated with the Extraction of Material form an Excavation Site, Borrow Pit, or Stormwater Management Facility - Nov. 1, 1996​
53.​ Development Plan Submittal Package Intake Process for Site Plans, Preliminary Subdivisions and Subdivision Construction Plans - Dec. 5, 1996  ​
54.​ Lot Grading Plans - Jan. 7, 1997​
55.​ Reduction of Steps in Obtaining a Building Permit for a Commercial Site Plan - June 27, 1997​
56.​ Certificate of Completion and As-Built Record Drawings for Subdivisions - March 31, 1997​
57.​ Over-Excavation of a Stormwater Management Facility - May 15,1997 ​
59.​ Land Management Process for Existing Lots and Single Family Construction on Agriculturally Zoned Property - July 14, 1997
60.​ Changes to Real Estate Transactions Involving the City of Virginia Beach - Dec. 11, 1997 ​
61.​ Certificate of Completion (Revised 34)- March 2, 1998
62.​ Dedications & Agreements - Development Plan Review (Revised #47) - March 2, 1998​
63.​ Boroughs - No Longer Necessary - May 15, 1998​
67.​ Stormwater Management Facilities Maintenance Agreement (Reference #40) - Oct. 2, 1998 ​
68.​ Final Subdivision Plats Involving Two or More Owners; Air Installation Compatible Use zones (AICUZ) - Cross Reference DSC Notice #66; Sidewalk Surety for Residential Subdivisions; Subdivision Surety and Engineer's Cost Estimates - Dec. 23, 1998 ​
69.​ Site Plan Ordinance Section 5B Floodplain Regulations - May 14, 1999
70.​ Submittal Package Intake Process for Final Subdivision and Resubdivision Plats - May 14, 1999​
71.​Site Plan and Subdivision Ordinance Amendments Regarding Development Plan Review Fees - May 20, 1999
72.​ REVISED Permission Note on Approved Development Plans with Proposed Improvements in Public Rights-of-way and Easements - Dec. 6, 1999​
75.​ Final Subdivision Plat and Land Management Plan Mylars and Tax ID#'s and Social Security #'s to be Included on Engineer's Cost Estimates - July 3, 2000​
76.​ Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) - Aug. 21, 2000
78.​ New Project Coordinator III, Stormwater Management Facility Maintenance Agreement (SWMFA), Recorded Subdivision Plats, Existing and Required Site Features Shown on Plans and Weekly Project Listing to Army Corps of Engineers and DEQ- Sept. 12, 2000​
79.​ Bi-Monthly Consultant's Meetings, Envelopes for Recorded Documents, Submittal Checklists, Location of ADA Accessible Building Entrances, City Code Update Available on Web Site - Oct. 20, 2000​
82.​ Responsible Land Disturber (RLD) Certificate of Competency Required Prior to Obtaining Permits - Oct. 5, 2001​
84.​ Recent Amendments to City Zoning Ordinance (CZO) - December 19, 2001​
86.​ Preparation of Legal Documents, The Public Works Specifications and Standards Manual, and Subdivision Monumentation for Certificate of Completions - Feb. 13, 2002​
89.​ Change in VA Code 47.1-14 - Notary Notes - July 11, 2002​
91.​ Use of Public and Private Utility Easements for Minimum Lot Area and Lot Width Requirements - Aug. 13, 2002​
93.​ Commercial Parking Lots in the RT-Resort Zoning District - Dec. 3, 2002​
97.​ VDOT Changes Curb Ramps and Sidewalks; PU Policy on Preliminary Engineering Design; Quarterly Consultant's Meeting Rescheduled - April 7, 2003​
99.​ Review of Commercial Site Plans by the Resort Advisory Commission in the Resort Area - June 18, 2003​
100.​ Shrink/Swell Soils - Nawney - Aug. 13, 2003​
106.​ Development Review Fee Increases, HRSD Fee Increase, Circuit Court Recordation Fee Increase, and Street Tree Installation​
107.​ Location of Residential Heating & Cooling Equipment; Building Code Requirements for All Mechanical Equipment & Appliances​
113.​ Existing Environmental Conditions​
115.​ Horizontal and Vertical Datum Changes​
116.​ Planning/DSC Contact Data and Planning/DSC Customer Contact Data Sheet​
117.​ DSC Submittal Intake Process​
119.​ Location of Sanitary Sewer Cleanouts and Water Meters Within Public Utility  Easement​
125.​ North Beach Residential Driveway Apron Detail​
127​. Redevelopment and Infill Lots - Drainage​
128.​ Instrument Number Box on Plats to be Recorded & DSC Staffing​
129.​ Revised Certification of Completion (C of C) Form and Submittal Tips​
130.​ Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Requirements​
133.​ Public Sanitary Sewer
136.​ Five (5) Year Approval for Preliminary Subdivision Plats and Final Site Plans
138.​ Changes in Right-of-Way Permit Requirements
139.​ Sanitary Sewer Pump Stations
140.​ Guide to the Single Family Site Development Process
151.​ Water Quality Landscape Plan Administrative Variance Guidelines for Parking Lots
157.​ Private Sanitary Sewer Maintenance Agreement
158.​ Sanitary Sewer Flow Acceptance Process
160.​ New FEMA FIRM Floodplain Maps
161.​ Revised Signature Note on Final Subdivision Plats
162.​ Topographic and Boundary Survey for All Site Development Plans and Required Professional's Note and Seal
168.Lateral Wye Connection to Replace Inserta Tees and Service Saddles on Gravity Sewer Mains
172.​ Water Service and Sanitary Sewer Service Installations by the Department of Public Utilities for Single-Family and Duplex Units
173.​ Preapplication/Predesign Meetings for Projects within the Strategic Growth Areas (SGAs)
174.​ Interim Amendment to the Public Works Specifications and Standards Manual for Residential Entrances in the North Beach Area
175.​ Change to Certificate of Completion Process for Subdivision - Comprehensive Set of Drainage Plans Showing All Stormwater Related Field Changes
​178. Architectural Plans for Duplex Submittals and Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Reminder
​179. Abandonment of a Public Utility Service Line or Main
180.​ ​Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area (CBPA) Board Application Submittal Deadline Change
​181.New City and Planning Department Website
​182. Small Single-Family Projects Located within the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area (CBPA) Resource Protection Area (RPA)
​183. Landscaping Guide Update
​ 184. ​Subdivision Stormwater Management Facility Easements
 ​185.Revision of the Virginia Work Area Protection Manual
​ 186.Revisions to the Public Works Standards for Pavement Patches
 187.DSC Welcomes New Staff Member
​ 188.Public Utilities Design Standards Manual Update
 ​189.Water Meter Processes for Development Projects
​ 190.Draft Public Works Design Standards Manual
​ 191.Implementing the Regional Consent Order
​ 192. The Oceanfront Resort District New Zoning Regulations for the Resort Strategic Growth Area, Predesign Meetings and Site Plan Review Submittal Requirements
​ 193. ​Revisions to DPU Standard Detail 16-2: Detector Check and Domestic Meter Layout
​ 194.Public Utilities Design Standard Manual Update
 ​195.Changes to the City's Erosion & Sediment Control Program  
​ 196.Development Services Center Staff Changes
 197.​ New DSC Staff and Team Organization
 198.​ Customer Contact Data Sheet Update
 199.​ Revised Erosion & Sediment Control (ESC) and Tree Protection Notes and Updated MS-19 Table
 201.​ Floodplain Ordinance Changes & Proposed Flood Map Revisions​
 203.​ FEMA Floodplain Maps Review Period​
 204.​ Open House Scheduled for Discussion of New Flood Maps
 205.​ Public Works Draft Design Standards Manual Public Review and Comment Period​
​ 206. ​Ordinance Amendments, New and Revised Plan Review Fees, effective July 1, 2014
​ 207.Virginia Stormwater Management Program (VSMP)-Grandfathering
​ 208.Virginia Stormwater Management Program (VSMP) - State Construction General Permit CGP Process
​ 209.Water and Sanitary Sewer Connection Fees
​ 210. Stormwater Management Program (​VSMP) and Single Family Dwellings
​ 211.DPU Design Standards Manual Interim Update
​ 212. ​VSMP Grandfathering Update​
​ 213. ​​Pre-Design Meetings for Projects located within SGA Areas
 ​214.Public Utilities Manual Update​
​ 215. ​​Staff and Team Changes​
​ 216.New and Revised Public Utility Sanitary Sewer Lateral Details
​ 217.Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Requirements for Developer Installed Sanitary Sewer​
​2015-10-15 Accela Program and Changes to Submittals to the Development Services Center (DSC)
​2016-04-18Reorganization of the Development Services Center(DSC)​ 
​2016-07-20New Single Family Site Plan Review Checklist​
​2017-01-03Weekly Pre-Submittal and Comment Review Meetings for Developers, Consultants and City Staff​​​​
​2017-07-01Virginia Beach Circuit Court Recordation Fees Increase
​2017-07-20Department Staffing Changes
​2017-07-31​Proposed Revision to Public Utilities' Policy on Water and Sanitary Sewer Services for Development
​2017-08-28 New Stormwater Management Facilities Maintenance Agreements​​
​2017-09-25Notification Fee changes for Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals, CBPA Board and Wetlands Board​
​2017-10-02​​Subdivision As-builts (Infrastructure Record Drawings)​
​2017-10-11​​​Updated Policy on Survey Plat Review Prior to Recordation​​
​2017-11-03 Consultants, Builders and Developers Informational Meeting - Stormwater Design Requirements
​2017-12-07Submittals Required via Accela Citizen Access ACA
​2017-12-11Construction General Permit Maintenance Fees
​2018-01-08Requesting Presubmittal Meetings
​2018-01-10Submittal Form for Stormwater Management System As-Builts
​2018-02-05Vacuum Buffer Tank Required for Larger Single Family Homes Served by Vacuum Sewer Systems
​2018-05-04Preliminary Stormwater Engineering Analysis Requirements​​​
​2018-05-30Stormwater Management As-Builts - Revised Requirements
​2018-06-19Stormwater Facilities and Land Disturbing Cost Estimate​
​2018-06-26Fee changes for Building Permits, & Planning Commission/City Council, Board of Zoning Appeals, Wetlands Board, Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area Board (CBPA) Applications​​
​2018-07-20Informational Meeting - Stormwater Master Plan Models ​​
​2018-07-26Changes to the Single Family Review and Approval Process​​
​2018-11-13​New Development Services Center Coordinator
​2019-03-152019 VSMP Construction General Permit Update​
​2019-04-17Public Utilities Approved Products List Update​ 
​2019-05-02​​Draft Public Works Design Standards Manual Review and Comment Period​
​2019-06-202019 VSMP Guidance on Grandfathering and Continued Use of ‘Old’ Stormwater Part II C Technical Criteria; General Permit Procedures
​2019-07-22Public Works Design Standards and Manual Meeting
​2019-08-13 Planning and Community Development Department Closing to Relocate Services
​2019-11-07Submittals to the Development Services Center, Plan Approvals & Appointments Required for Plan Release/Surety Posting
​2020-01-03​Dominion Energy High Pressure Sodium Streetlight Phase-Out
​2020-03-02Scheduled Recurring Closings of Planning Department
​2020-03-13Updated Draft Public Works Design Standards Manual Available Online (PWDSM)
​2020-03-15Modification of Operations in response to COVID-19
​2020-03-15-UpdateModification of Operations in response to COVID-19
​2020-3-25​Online Submission of Planning Commission Applications
​2020-6-30Public Works Design Standards Manual Adoption and Transition Guidelines
​2020-7-14Virginia Beach Circuit Court Recordation Fee Increase
​2020-7-17​Public Works Design Standards Manual Transition Guidelines and Master Drainage Study Information Requests
​2020-7-23New Fire Hydrant Color Marking Scheme
​2020-09-09​Planning & Community Development Announces New Permits and Inspections Administrator
​2020-7-14-UpdateVirginia Beach Circuit Court Recordation Fee Increase - Update
​2020-12-282019 VSMP Construction General Permit-Registration Statement-Updated Form
​Submittal Requirement change for Executed Plats approved for Recordation
Department Reopening and Building Plan Review Process Modifications 
Master Drainage Study Information Request Update
​Planning and Community Development Temporary Closure and Revised Hours of Operation of Customer Service Counter
Public Comment Period Opens for updates to Public Works Design Standards Manual and accompanying Ordinances
​Public Utilities Water Meter Fee Change
​Sanitary Sewer Vacuum Pit Capacity Updates
Updated Policy Regarding Private Fire Service Mains & Their Appurtenances from the Virginia Beach Fire Prevention Bureau
Updates to Preliminary Stormwater Engineering Analysis Requirements
​Informational Meeting - Stormwater Modeling and Stormwater Design Criteria Updates
Changes for Building Permits, Trade Permits, & Technology Fees

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