Comprehensive Planning 

Comprehensive Planning is an inclusive process to establishing visions and guidelines that addresses the community’s future. The Comprehensive Plan is the formal document produced through this process. The process of developing the Comprehensive Plan should be a community-wide effort, in which all interest groups should play a part in delineating their community’s vision. The City’s Comprehensive Plan ("Comp Plan") guides development and investment in the City. All Capital Improvements Program (CIP) projects and new land development projects are evaluated for consistency with the Comprehensive Plan.

Comprehensive Planning is authorized at the state level through enabling legislation that provides for the preparation of Comprehensive Plans for local jurisdictions. Section 15.2-2223 of the Virginia Code requires all localities to prepare a Comprehensive Plan. As outlined in Section 15.2-2230 of Virginia Code, the Comprehensive Plan shall be reviewed by the local planning commission to determine whether it is advisable to amend the plan at least once every five years. 

 City of Virginia Beach Comprehensive Plan 2016

 Documents Adopted by Reference

Active Transportation Plan, 2021
​​APZ-1 / Clear Zone Master Plan, 2008
​​Beach Management Plan, 2002
Burton Station Strategic Growth Area Master Plan, 2009 (amended 2018)
​Centerville Strategic Growth Area Master Plan, 2013
Connector Park Design Guidelines, 2017
​Consolidated Strategy and Plan for Housing and Community Development Programs, 2010
​Green Sea Blueway and Greenway Management Plan, 2015
Hampton Roads Joint Land Use Study, 2005
​​Hilltop Strategic Growth Area Master Plan, 2012
​​Historic Kempsville Area Master Plan, 2006 (amended 2014)
​Historic Resources Management Plan, 1994
​​Interfacility Traffic Area (ITA) and Vicinity Master Plan, 2011 (amended 2017)
​​Lynnhaven Strategic Growth Area Master Plan, 2012
​​Major Street Network Ultimate Rights-of-Way, 2010
Municipal Center Master Plan, 1997
Mixed Use Development Guidelines, 2004
​Natural Heritage Report, 1994
​Newtown Strategic Growth Area Master Plan, 2010
Oceanfront Resort District Design Guidelines, 2012 (amended 2017)
Oceanfront Resort District Form-Based Code, 2012 (amended 2021)
​Old Beach Design Guidelines, 2005
Outdoors Plan, 2016
​​Pembroke Strategic Growth Area 4 Implementation Plan, 2009 (amended 2014)
​Public Facilities: General Aesthetic Guidelines, 2000
Retail Establishments and Shopping Center Ordinance Guidelines, 2002
​Resort Area Mobility Plan, 2023
Resort Area Strategic Action Plan (RASAP) 2008 (amended 2020) 
Rosemont Strategic Growth Area Master Plan, 2011
​Sea Level Wise Adaptation Strategy, 2020
Seapines Station Voluntary Guidelines, 2017
​Shore Drive Corridor Plan, 2000
​​Shore Drive Corridor Design Guidelines, 2002
​Southern Watershed Area Management Plan, 2001
​Transition Area Design Guidelines, 2015
​​Urban Forest Management Plan, 2014
Virginia Aquarium and Owls Creek Area Master Plan, 2011
ViBe Creative District Connectivity Plan, 2017

 Approved Amendments

Amendment ​Adoption Date
Amendment Ordinance​ & Background Information
Adopted Document​
​August 2016Virginia Beach Outdoors PlanAdobe PDF icon
​January 2017Historic Seatack Suburban Focus Area (SFA)
​January 2017Master Transportation Plan amendment regarding Lavender Lane and Sentara WayAdobe PDF icon
​June 2017Seapines Station Voluntary Design GuidelinesAdobe PDF icon
​December 2017Interfacility Traffic Area and Vicinity Master Plan UpdateAdobe PDF icon
December 2017 ​ ​​ ​Oceanfront Plans and Design Guidelines ​ ​
​ViBe Creative District Connectivity PlanAdobe PDF icon
Connector Park Design GuidelinesAdobe PDF icon
Oceanfront Resort District Design Guidelines UpdateAdobe PDF icon
​November 2018Burton Station Strategic Growth Area Master Plan Update Adobe PDF icon
​June 2020Sea Level WiseAdobe PDF icon
​June 2020Resort Area Strategic Action Plan (RASAP) 2030Adobe PDF icon
​February 2021
Active Transportation Plan 
Adobe PDF icon
​January 2023
Resort Area Mobility Plan
Adobe PDF icon