Adult Coed Volleyball

After careful consideration and analysis of the adult sports offerings in the area, Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation’s Sports Management Division Unit will no longer being offering adult volleyball leagues. 

Participation Decline

A decline in the number of teams participating in this league over the past several years has occurred, due in part to increased opportunities being offered by alternative service providers. In an effort to sustain the league and perhaps increase participation, we cut direct costs as much as possible (without adversely affecting the program’s level of service). Unfortunately, the participation continued to drop therefore the program is being divested.

Facility Use Challenges

It has been an ever present challenge to carve out space in our community recreation centers for league play. The availability of school gymnasiums has recently become increasingly limited due to after school activities, events, etc.  This limited and/or sporadic availability can cause significant gaps in the league season, which creates a disjointed match schedule for teams. This negatively impacts each team’s experience.

Alternate Service Providers

There are several alternate service providers​ in the area.

Recreational Volleyball​

Recreational drop-in adult volleyball is also available at the recreation centers. Days and times vary and are listed on the gym schedules​.
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