Unity Week | October 11-17

Join us for a week-long inclusive celebration and acceptance of others.

Why Unity Matters


Initiated by Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation's (VBPR) Inclusion Services unit in 2018, Unity Week is a celebration of our differences and a movement towards embracing the unique aspects that set us apart with positivity and acceptance.

In 2019, other city departments joined us to move the initiative forward and promoted unity by wearing orange, sharing special messages, and empowering the community to celebrate our differences. This year, we see a unique opportunity to go deeper. To truly have unity, we must listen and learn from others whose perspectives and experiences differ from our own. To create meaningful change and acceptance, we must seek to understand. Join us for an important series of online conversations covering race, LGBTQ+ issues, and religion. Or, start your own conversations using the resources below. 

Be a part of the unity movement – listen, learn, and share!

 Listening & Learning

Listening & Learning: Online Conversations to Promote Unity

Hosted on WebEx; Registration required; Capacity limited to 50 participants per session. 

Unity Week LGBTQ.pngGrowing Our LGBTQ+ Acceptance on National Coming Out Day
Sunday, October 11 | 2-3:30 p.m.    

Guest speakers:
Michael Berlucchi | Virginia Beach Council Member
Cole Werkheiser | Hampton Roads Pride 
Neva White | LGBT Liaison to the City Manager

Join our guest speakers who share their personal experiences, answer questions from the community, and provide perspective on actions that each of us can take in our everyday lives to become allies and foster positive change. 

unity week religion.pngReligion | Islam & Judaism: Everything You've Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask
Thursday, October 15 | 6-7:30 p.m.

Guest speakers: Rabbi Marc Kraus and Imam Rachid Khould 

Join Rabbi Marc Kraus and Imam Rachid Khould for an open discussion about: 
  • Q&A about the Jewish and Islamic faiths 
  • Discuss discrimination and perceived biases about members of these faiths including speakers' personal stories
  • Promote unity in the community through deepening your understanding of these faiths and be an advocate for the freedom of religious beliefs even if they differ from your own 

 Creating Conversation

Creating Conversation for Change and Understanding

One of the best ways that we all can work for unity is to listen to each other’s authentic lived experiences and create Newsletter articles 550x310 (39).pngunderstanding through conversation. If you are interested in holding your own discussion, keep these tips in mind: 

  1. Keep the group small and set ground rules for the scope of the discussion. 
  2. Be sure to listen. We often are coming up with a retort in our heads rather than really listening to what others are saying. Resist that urge. 
  3. Stay on topic and look for where you agree and disagree. 
  4. Avoid treating the conversation like a debate where there will be a winner. 

If you aren’t sure where to start, use the Conversation Agreements guide from LivingRoomConversations.org to get started or attend a Living Room Conversation facilitated by Virginia Beach Public Library. 

Share pictures and screenshots with us on social @VBParksRec or email fun@vbgov.com.

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 Kid-friendly Video Resources

Video Resources: Youth Perspectives on Unity

Members of the Mayor's Youth Leadership in Action program partnered with the Youth Opportunities Office to produce a series of videos featuring children sharing their perspectives on unity, kindness, diversity, leadership, and community service. Watch below or view the Unity Week playlist.




Diversity and Equality

Community Service

 #VBUnity Videos

What Does Unity Mean to You?

vbunity.pngCity of Virginia Beach leaders and staff share their thoughts on celebrating our differences and bringing our community together. Watch below or access the full playlist

What does UNITY mean to you? Share your thoughts and photos with us on Facebook and use the tag #VBUnity. Take a look at last year's Unity Week photo album.