Mount Trashmore Summer Carnival

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Friday, June 3, 2016 - Tuesday, June 21, 2016​

Carnival ticket boothRides, games and traditional state fair foods are all available at the Summer Carnival at Mount Trashmore Park. Located in the parking lot off Edwin Drive, the carnival is great for all ages and offers free admission and free parking. Ride prices are below; games and concessions are priced separately. Tag your photos! #VBParksRec

Hours of Operation

The closing time indicated is the latest the carnival will operate. The carnival may open later or close earlier at the discretion of Deggeller Attractions based on weather conditions and attendance. 

  • Monday - Friday: 5​ pm - 10 pm
  • Saturday & Sunday: 2 pm - 10 pm

Ticket Prices for Midway Rides

  • ​Single Tickets: $1 each (each rides takes 2-6 tickets)
  • Monday, Wednesday & Friday: $18 wristband (unlimited rides)
  • Twelve Buck Tuesday: $12 wristband
  • Dollar Day Thursday: All rides $1.00 each
  • Saturday & Sunday: $20 wristband​

​Height Requirements for Midway Rides

Note: Rides are subject to change​

​Ride​ ​With Adult​Without Adult​Maximum​ Height
​baha buggy​32"​36"​No Max
​Bananas​24"​36"​No Max
​Crazy Chopper
24"​​36"​No Max
​Elephants​24"​36"​No Max
Giant Wheel​​N/A​42"​No Max
​Magic Maze​36"​42"​No Max
​musik express​42"​48"​No Max
​Orient Express​36"​48"​No Max
​puppy roll​24"​36"​No Max
​Raiders​36"​42"​No Max
​Scooters​42"​48"​No Max
​scrambler​36"​48"​No Max
​Starship 4000​42"​42"​No Max
​Super Shot​48"​48"​No Max
​Tea Cups​24"​36"​No Max
​tilt-a-whirl​36"​46"​No Max
​Typhoon​48"​48"​No Max
​Yoyo​N/A​​42"​No Max
​Zipper​48"​48"​No Max


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