Swim Lessons

We offer both group and private lessons for swimmers of all abilities and ages. Participants will need a valid recreation center membership or day pass for each day of lessons.


 Group Swim Lessons

Tiny Bobbers with Adult Guardian | Ages 1-2

Make the first swimming experience with your child safe and fun. A participating adult guardian provides support and comfort as the child begins to learn water safety, water adjustment and swimming skills through activities and songs. ​Children are introduced to skills as they are developmentally ready. Note: This class is not intended to make children water safe.

​Paddler I | Age​ 3

This class is designed for 3 year olds to learn water adjustment, basic swimming and safety skills in a fun, small group setting using the American Red Cross Preschool Program in a low student to instructor ratio (1:5). Children must be 3 on the first day of class, toilet trained, able to communicate their needs and be willing to separate from guardian. See level descriptions below.​

Paddler II | Age​s 4-5

The Paddler II program uses the American Red Cross Preschool Program in a low student to instructor ratio environment (1:8). Children must be 4 on the first day of class, toilet trained and​ willing to separate from guardian.

Preschool Aquatic Program - Level Descriptions
  • ​Preschool Aquatics Level 1:  Introduces basic aquatic skill, which children continue to build on as they progress through Levels 2 and 3 of Preschool Aquatics and then Learn to Swim.  Children start developing positive attitudes and safe practices around the water.  Many skills are performed with assistance from the instructor.  
  • Preschool Aquatics Level 2: Further development of basic aquatic skills continues. Children begin to perform skills at a slightly more advanced level by practicing skills for a longer period of time or longer distances. This also marks the beginning of independent skills.  
  • Preschool Aquatics Level 3:  Additional guided practices help increase child's proficiency in performing previously learned skills by increasing repetitions, distances, times or levels of refinement. ​Skills are performed independently.  

​American Red Cross Learn to Swim Classes | Ages 5-15

This five-level Learn to Swim program allows students to progress through the levels at their own pace, mastering the skills in one level before advancing to the next. This program provides an increased emphasis in the areas of drowning prevention and water safety and emphasizes an inclusive approach to swimming and water safety. 
  • ​Learn to Swim Levels 1 - 3: Introduction to Water Skills, Fundamental Aquatic Skills and Stroke Development 
  • ​Learn to Swim Levels 4 & 5: Stroke Improvement and Stroke Refinement  

​Ultimate Swimmer | Ages 5-15

Has your swimmer successfully completed all of the Learn to Swim levels? ;The objectives of this course are designed to increase endurance, fine tune stroke techniques and introduce competitive swimming and advanced water safety skills. Participants will also learn to develop personal workouts to make swimming a life-long activity. Participants must have successfully completed Learn to Swim Level 5 or are able to demonstrate Level 5 exit skills.

Adult Group Lessons |​ Ages 14 & up

Learn to swim and get fit! This class includes both American Red Cross Learn to Swim skills for beginners and advanced workout/fitness techniques. Since the class is customized to the individual, it is ideal for all swimmers from beginners who are learning stroke development or breathing techniques to those preparing for the Adult Swim Workout. 

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​You can register for group swim lessons online​​, or in person at any Virginia Beach Recreation Center.  A 50% cost reduction for Learn to Swim Levels 1-3 is available to those who qualify.​


 Private Lessons

Don't be shy about your swimming ability! Our one-on-one, individualized instruction makes it easy for you to relax and enhance the skills you want to focus on. Ideal for non-swimmers, fitness swimmers, and those who want to improve competitive skills. Offered in 30-minute sessions. Note: Children must be at least 3​ years old to participate.​​

​Learn to Swi​m Lessons
# participants 1 session 6 sessions
1​ $35 $185
2-3 $33 per person $169 per person

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​Participants will need a valid recreation center me​mbership or day pass for each day of lessons. View additional terms.​​​​​​​​​​​

 Group Dive Lessons

​Introduction to Springboard Diving | Ages 7-15

Learn basic diving skills, including approaches, forward, back dives off a 1-meter diving board. Participants must be deep water safe and be able to dive off the diving board.  

Intermediate Springboard Diving | Ages 7-15

Learn competitive diving skills including advanced forward, backward, inward, reverse and twist dives. Participants must be able to perform a forward dive with a four step approach, forward somersault and back dive with a back take-off. 

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