Kempsville Stingrays Swim Team

​​​​​​Welcome to the home of the Kempsville Stingrays Swim Team! This is your resource for meet schedules, results and coach information. Have a great season!

​Meet Your Coaches


Seanelle Thom         

Seanelle Thom is native to Virginia Beach and has been involved in the Kempsville Community most of her life. Seanelle's first swim team was our very own, then called, the Kempsville Comets!  Seanelle swam for Bayside High school all four years and Longwood College for two years.  Seanelle's Hobbies include eating, sleeping and exercise! Seanelle's advice for our swimmers is, "Be your best. Have fun and remember you're only swimming against yourself."

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Emily Land

Emily swam for Carolanne Farm , ODAC, Kempsville High School and Longwood University.  She graduated from Longwood University in 2015 with a degree in Elementary Education. Her hobbies include; reading, kayaking and swimming. Her advice to the swimmers is, when you get tired, focus on your technique.

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Ryn Abrahan               

Ryn Abraham is a native to Virginia Beach and has been involved with swimming for the past 10 years, I swam on Bow Creek Recreation team for 6yrs, a year round team, and high school team. I’m attending Regent University Collage where I’m Majoring in Cinematography. In my off time I enjoy swimming dancing. My advice to our swimmers is stretch and don’t race during practice, take time and focus on technique if you want to race, race the turns.


Bonita Teaford                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Welcome to the Kempsville Stingrays. I am your swim team representative. I moved to Virginia Beach in the late 80’s, and have been  involved with Swim Leagues since 1994 as a parent, coach, team representative. In my spare time take proud in help people by running VBEMS with Plaza Volunteer Rescue Squad and rescuing German Shepherd’s.  My advice to our swimmers is always stride to do your best during swim practice and meets.

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Kempsville Swim League Supervisor: Bonita Teaford

Swim League Coordinator: Karen Connolly