Frequently Asked Questions

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 Registration Questions

​How do I register my child for a program or camp?

You can register online for a limited time at the start of the registration period. You can always register in person at any Virginia Beach recreation center. You'll need to complete the registration paperwork and make a payment for the registration fee and deposit. 

Why can't I register online?

Online registration is only available for a certain time period to ensure we receive the required paperwork to complete the registration before the program begins.

What if the camp or program I am interested in is full?

You can visit any recreation center to complete and submit a registration form and place your child on the waiting list for that program. We will contact you if space becomes available​.

Why do I have to complete a registration form each time I register? My information is the same.

The information contained on the registration form provides us with the most current contact information, parental information, emergency contacts and authorized pick-ups, as well as what program your child is enrolled in. Therefore it is only valid for the duration of that program. Additionally, the form is updated yearly to reflect our current program policies and procedures, as well as compliance with Licensing Standards.​

 Payment Questions

​How are the session fees determined?

We calculate the number of service days, which do not include the program closures dates, spread the cost over nine months, and attribute the balance to June – the 10th month and shortest month of service. We are not charging for the days when services are not being provided (program closure dates on the payment schedule). Instead of having a different amount due each month, based on the number of service days in that month, we decided to maintain a consistent payment due each month. We felt this approach would be more convenient for parents as opposed to a different amount each month. 

When is my next payment due?

Payments are due according to the dates indicated on the payment schedule. You can also view this information by logging into your account on-line, your receipt or calling our office directly and we can look at your account for you.

Why are payments scheduled so far in advance?

Payments are scheduled prior to the program start date in order to receive services. This allows our team ample time to ensure every participant is able to attend the program. 

What happens if I miss a payment?

If payment is not received by the due date, our Registration Management Team will send a courtesy e-mail reminder to the e-mail address of the payer. The e-mail will indicate the date your child will be withdrawn from that session and/or week. If your child is withdrawn from a particular session or week and space is available you can re-register and pay the full fee along with a $25 reinstatement. During the summer, deposits and registration fees are forfeited when this occurs and to reinstate, the full weekly fee is due.

Will my payment be reduced for days that my child does not attend the program or need services?

Fees are not prorated. 

 Other Frequently Asked Questions

What is the City's Tax ID/EIN?

The City of Virginia Beach's ​Tax ID/EIN is 54-0722061​.

Can my child use a privately owned electronic device during Before & After School Programs?

Yes. Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation works cooperatively with Virginia Beach City Public Schools in allowing participants to use privately owned electronic devices to access the VBCPS wireless network with the understanding from each participant, and their family, that this represents a privilege and not a right. Find participant guidelines here.​

Why doesn’t my child’s school have a before school program?

Before School Programs were initially held at all elementary school locations; however, many were closed due to lack of interest and a significant drop in enrollment. Before School interest surveys go out to each elementary school location in late January and early February to determine which school locations have the interest to support a program in the future.

Why aren’t middle schools participating in the after school program?

Unfortunately, we did not receive the support necessary to offer our program due to the various activities conducted by the school.​​

How are Out-of-School Time Programs affected by recreation center maintenance weeks?

When recreation centers are closed for maintenance week,
  • All school-age after school programs at that site will be held at the school the child attends.
  • All early childhood preschool buddies and kinderbuddies programs will be closed.
  • Fees are not prorated/refunded.
View our facility closures page for maintenance week dates.
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