Martial Arts

​Our martial arts classes focus on the development self-discipline and self-defense skills through a variety of techniques. Most classes are offered for both youth and adults.


Emphasizing the discipline of mind and body with harmonious physical and mental dynamics, Akido training is based on the philosophy Ki (universal force). The technical components contain basic defensive skills of throwing, locking, immobilizing and body dynamics. Aikido tends to promote the self-defense, aesthetic and martial aspects, rather than the competitive aspects. ​

Classical Japanese Karate

Study this classical form of martial arts and perform a variety of basic blocks, strikes, foot work and stances to help strengthen the body and improve self-defense. Training also focuses on mind, body, spirit and breathing techniques to improve self-discipline.


Judo, the gentle way, is based upon controlling your opponents balance. The technical components contain the basic defensive skills of throwing, locking, immobilizing, and falling. Traditional Judo promotes the self-defense, aesthetic and martial aspects, rather than​ the competitive aspects​.


Discover this style of martial arts that was once practiced by the native Filipino warriors. it is a hybrid of delicate and precise floating motions accented by explosive power and strong stances.

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