Archery Classes

Ever wanted to see if you could hit a target using a bow and arrow?​​ With our archery classes, you can learn the skills needed to do so! All equipment is provided. We offer classes for varying age groups and skill levels.
ARCHERY IS BACK! We have two 4-week classes beginning October 5 @ Bayside Recreation Center and two more classes in November.

Intro to Archery / Beginner Archery Clinic
Learn the basics of archery. Whistle commands, basic form & technique as well as discipline and respect for the sport will be taught.

Archery Refresher
Been a while since you've taken an archery class with us? Then come refresh your skills with this new class.
Pre-Requisite: Must have completed at least one VB Parks & Rec Archery class.

Recurve Archery
Use recurve bows and 3-D targets in this traditional shooting style. All participants must have completed Intro to Archery or Beginner Archery Clinic.

Note: Due to close proximity between instructors and participants, masks will be required for all archery classes.

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