Accessible Amenities

​Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation offers accessible amenities for visitors with varying abilities to access and enjoy our parks and recreation centers. Our inclusion support staff is available to make reasonable accommodations so that recreational activities and programs are accessible to everyone.  Interpreters are also available upon request.

 Recreation Center Amenities

Accessible Rec Amenities 

  • Therapeutic Recreation space is available at Kempsville Recreation Center
  • ​Use of adapted equipment
  • Adaptations to program games/activities
  • Behavior management charts/individualized techniques
  • Use of visual aids
  • Partial participation 

Accessible Pool Amenities 

  • accessible pool-1.jpgAll recreation center pools are ADA compliant with steps, handrails, pool lift and ladder for entry.
  • Zero-depth entry pools are available at Bow Creek, Kempsville and Williams Farm. 
  • Accessible pool ramp is available at Bow Creek, Princess Anne and Williams Farm.
  • Submersible water wheelchairs are available at Bow Creek, Kempsville, Princess Anne and Williams Farm.
  • Aqua-Step ADA is a removable set of stairs to help with entry and exit out of the water and available at the competition pool at Kempsville Recreation Center.

 Outdoor Amenities

Outdoor Park Amenities

Grommet Island Park - fully-accessible park located on the beach that features wheelchair-accessible entrances and an incredible playground that includes poured-in-place surfacing, raised sand tables for sandcastle building at an accessible height, a sensory board for children who are autistic and visually impaired, and a sway boat. The playground also boasts sculptural features such as dolphins, a surfboard, and a wave that are all fully accessible for children to pretend to ride the waves and swim with the dolphins. Wood polymer decking extends from the playground to accessible seating areas with an umbrella and hand-operated sand scoop designed to be used by a person in a wheelchair, allowing everyBODY to play in the sand. 

Kids Cove at Mount Trashmore Park is fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and is barrier-free to accommodate all children. The playground also features an all new, one of a kind wheelchair swing.
cradle swings.jpg
Beach Wheelchairs are FREE to use (available as first come first serve). To reserve a wheelchair, please see a park attendant located at the 2nd Street/Grommet Island Park Handicap Center or Little Island Park office. *From November through April or if an attendant is unavailable, please call (757) 385-1100 to make a reservation.

ADA accessible Kayak Launches and Canoe Entry are available at Lake Lawson, Stumpy Lake and Carolanne Farms. The equipment allows moving from a wheelchair into and out of a kayak or canoe by arm strength.

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​Parks with Therapeutic Cradle Swings
  • ​Bayville Farms Park
  • Bentley Gate Park
  • Birchwood South Park 
  • Bow Creek Neighborhood Park
  • Buckner Farms Park 
  • Buyrn Farms Park 
  • Cape Story Park 
  • City View Park 
  • Creeds (Wayside) Park
  • Dunbarton Park
  • Grand Lakes Park 
  • Great Neck Park 
  • Groveland Park 
  • Hunt Club Forest Park 
  • Kempsville Park
  • Kings Grant Park
  • Lake Lawson/Lake Smith 
  • Landstown Meadows Park 
  • Lark Down Park 
  • Laurel Cove Park 
  • Lynnhaven Colony Park 
  • Marshview Park
  • Mount Trashmore Park 
  • Munden Point Park 
  • Newcastle Park
  • Newlight Park 
  • Northridge Park 
  • Pinewood Gardens Park 
  • Plaza Methodist Park 
  • Plaza Northgate 
  • Point O’Woods Park 
  • Red Wing 
  • Sawyer Lakes Estate Park
  • Scarborough Square Parl
  • St. Matthews Catholic Church Park
  • Metro Stoneybrook Park 
  • Stratford Chase Park
  • Thalia Trace Park 
  • Wolfsnare Park
  • Woodstock Park

Accessible Trails

Accessible trails are available in three of our parks including West Neck Creek Natural Area, Marshview Park & Natural Area, and Lake Lawson Lake Smith Natural Area. These paved walkways and trails are about one-third mile long and great for small children, strollers, wheelchairs, and other special needs. Watch the Accessible Trails video at left for more information.

 Therapeutic Rec & Inclusion

Therapeutic Recreation Services

For more information: (757) 385-5990 | | 

Therapeutic Recreation offers programs for children, teens and adults with disabilities that include, but are not limited to, Autism Spectrum disorder, ADD/ADHD, Down syndrome, learning disability, mild to profound intellectual disability, traumatic brain injury, hard of hearing, visual or physical disability. 

During this especially challenging time, they strive to continue being a resource for our community through virtual programming and other ways to support individuals and families. Currently, all planned therapeutic recreation programming has gone virtual and programs are available for anyone interested, with or without a diagnosis. For more information on the programs offered at this time, please visit the

Inclusion Services

For more information, visit |

All programs offered by Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation encourage participation by a diverse population, accommodate those with varying abilities, and support diverse learning styles. When participants require additional support, our Inclusion Specialists develop accommodation plans and provide other assistance as appropriate.​ Inclusion Services are available at all recreation centers.

Is an accommodation required to participate in a program?
No, federal law prohibits us from requiring that you submit a request; however, it is important to realize that all participants (no matter what their abilities) are required to meet the minimum participation guidelines and desired behavior expectations of a program (check with the program’s supervisor to see what these are).  An accommodation assists staff in creating an environment where the participant can have a successful and enjoyable recreation experience.

​Do you provide a one to one staff?
No, this is not a therapeutic environment – depending on the program or situation, we may add a staff above ratio to ensure that all participant’s needs are being met.  Program and participant safety is our main concern.

Senior Services

All Virginia Beach Recreation Centers offer Forever Young Senior programs (for ages 55 and over) with free transportation available for non-driving participants to the closest rec center to the pick-up location. ​To make a reservation, please call the recreation center closest to your location at least a week in advance.