20 in 20 Fitness Challenge

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About the 20 in 20 Fitness Challenge:
We motivated everyone to meet their 2020 fitness goals with FREE fitness classes! The challenge was to complete 20 fitness classes by February 12, 2020 for a chance to win prizes.


 Success Stories

Looking for inspiration? Watch Felix and Andrea's stories of dedication to their health and fitness goals with the help of Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation staff, services and programs.



Q: Do I have to sign up for the 20 in 20 Fitness Challenge in order to take the free group fitness classes?
A: NO.  Anyone is welcome to take the free group fitness classes (ages 14+). You do not need to sign up for the challenge or have a rec center membership or day pass to take the classes.

Q: Can Premier members participate?
A: Yes. Premier members are eligible to participate in the challenge.

Q: I have been an Annual Premier Member since Sept. 14, 2019.  I would like to participate, but I'm selected as the winner, will there be a different prize since I already have a Premier membership?
A: In this case, the Premier membership will renew at no cost for the 12 months following your renewal date, Sept. 14, 2020.

Q: Is drop-in childcare available?
A: Drop-in childcare will be free during each center's identified week. For ex: Free drop-in childcare is available during week 3 at Williams Farm Rec Center, but would not be free at the other six locations during week 3.

Q: If a class is full and I am turned away, will I still get my 20 in 20 Fitness Challenge card stamped?
A: If you are turned away due to max capacity, your pass should be stamped.

Q: I recently purchased an 8-class pass Fitness Punch Card for drop-in group fitness classes. Should I use my 20 in 20 Fitness Challenge punch card instead to take the free classes?
A: Yes. Use the 20 in 20 Fitness Challenge punch card between Jan. 1-Feb. 12. You can resume using your previously purchased punch card on Feb. 13.

Q: Will I be charged the usual fee or need to use my Fitness Punch Card to take a class that is not during the free fitness schedule noted above? And will this class be credited toward the 20 in 20 Fitness Challenge?
A: Yes, you will be charged or use your Fitness Punch Card to take classes outside of the free fitness class schedule. Classes are free only during the identified week noted in the schedule above. ​​And yes, you will receive credit for the 20 in 20 Fitness Challenge and your punch card can be stamped.

 ‭(Hidden)‬ Week 1: Jan. 1-7

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