Program Overview

The Adopt-A-Program encourages community responsibility for our environment through scheduled litter cleanups. The program is a two-year commitment where organizations, groups, businesses, families, and individuals (18 years of age and older) agree to perform a minimum of one cleanup every other month (six per year). 

Various volunteer programs include:

  • Highway: Section of arterial roadway that includes sidewalks on both sides
  • Park: Most parks are eligible for adoption.
  • Street: Section of residential street that includes sidewalks on both sides.
  • Trail: Section that includes 5-10 ft. on both sides of the trail. These areas are very limited. 
  • Waterway: City-owned Canoe/Kayak Launches. The purpose of this program is to manage litter along stream banks, shorelines, and waterways. When required, canoes and kayaks should be owned by the volunteer and the volunteer should be experienced in their use and limitations. These areas are very limited. 

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How do I Adopt?

2. Submit an Adopt-a-Program Interest Form to give us a better idea of your desired location.*  
3. Once a location has been reviewed and approved, a member of our team will contact you to set up an appointment to finalize the adoption. 
4. Schedule your cleanups accordingly and remember to complete your report card.

We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your interest in helping keep Virginia Beach Clean and Beautiful. 

Note: It will be the responsibility of the adopting group to notify our office of any changes within their group as it affects their adoption (i.e. changes in primary contact, phone number, email, address, etc.). Failure to notify the office of any changes may result in termination of your adoption.

* The Adopt-A-Program Team shall coordinate, review, and approve the proposed area of adoption. If there is a question of safety or health, the proposed adoption will not be approved. Parks and Recreation reserve the right to revise these conditions and discontinue the program at any time. 

What’s Involved? 

Adopt-a-Program is a two-year commitment where organizations, groups, businesses, families, and individuals (18 years of age and older) agree to perform a minimum of one cleanup every other month (six per year). Parks and Recreation will provide orange trash bags to assist with cleanups if needed. Requests must be made in advance. 

Adopting groups are required to complete a report card after each cleanup. If numerous orange trash bags or large debris pick-up is required, please submit the location on your report card to ensure prompt pick-up. 

After an adopting group completes their fourth cleanup report card, a service request to manufacture and install a sign will be submitted. ​

Targeted, One-Time Cleanups

Interested in participating but can't make the commitment? A targeted cleanup might be the best choice. A targeted cleanup is a one-time cleanup at any desired location (with approval and only on city property). Locations must meet the requirements for the area you are looking to clean. Groups must submit a report card after their targeted cleanup.

 ‭(Hidden)‬ Parks

 ‭(Hidden)‬ Streets & Highways


See below for available Adopt-a-Locations. To inquire about additional locations, park addresses, start and endpoints for streets and highways, contact the Adopt-A-Programs Coordinator at (757) 385-0460 or

(boat/kayak/vessel required)
Carolanne Farms Kayak Launch
375 Gainsborough Rd
General Booth Trail
Oceana Blvd to Birdneck Rd.
Dozier Bridge Kayak Launch 
Princess Anne Rd (between Holland & Seaboard Rd) 
Marshview Park
120 Marshview Dr.
Stumpy Lake Natural Area Kayak Launch
4797 Indian River Rd
South Independence Trail
S. Independence Blvd.

Amhurst Park 
Dunwoody Park
Old Beach Park 
Bellamy Plantation Park
Great Neck Park
Providence Park
Birchwood Malibu Park
​Great Neck Meadows Park
​Raleigh Square Park
Blackwater Park
​​Holland Pines Park
​Salem Park 
​Brigadoon Woods Park
Kings Grant Park 
​Salem Village Park 
Brigadoon Park 
Landstown Meadows Park
Salt Marsh Point Park 
Brigadoon Pines Park
Lawson Hill Park
Seabridge Square Park 
Campbells Landing Park 
London Bridge Park
Seatack North Park
Carolanne Farms Park 
Lotus Garden Park
Southgate West Park
Charlestowne Athletic Park  Lynnhaven Woods Park
Wesleyan Park 
Colonial Oaks Park 
Nawney Creek North Park 
Williams Farm Park
Coventry Park  Newlight Park

Creeds Park
Northridge Park

Grand Lakes Park 
Oceana (Athletic Park)

19th St 
Dam Neck Rd 
24th St  Haygood Rd 
Albright Drive  International Parkway 
Beaufain Blvd  Lynnhaven Parkway 
Bow Creek Blvd  Old Donation Parkway 
Centennial Circle  Kempsville Rd 
Edinburgh Drive  London Bridge Rd 
Five Forks Rd  Pleasant Valley Rd 
Gravenhurst Drive  Princess Anne Rd 
Marshview Drive  Nimmo Parkway 
Milll Dam Rd  Princess Anne Rd 
Old Forge Rd  General Booth Blvd 
Round Hill Drive
Holland Rd 
Whitehurst Landing Rd 
Rosemont Rd 
​Pembroke Lake Circle Pump Station
S. Plaza Trail 
Salem Rd 
Upton Drive 
Virginia Beach Blvd