​​​​​The Adopt-A-Program encourages individual responsibility for our environment through scheduled litter pick ups. Various volunteer programs include:
  • Highway: 2 mile section of arterial roadway to include sidewalks on both sides
  • Park 
  • Spot: any public area that needs attention
  • Street: 1 mile residential street section to include sidewalks on both sides
  • Trail: 1 mile Section to include 5-10 ft on both si​des 
  • Waterway: at least 1/2 mile section of a local waterway 
  • Landscape Maintenance: minimum of 300 sq. ft. with a submitted landscape plan
Individuals, families, groups, businesses and organizations are encouraged to adopt a section of the city for a two-year period with a minimum of six cleanups per year.

Learn more in the Adopt-A-Program brochure or make the com​mitment to adopt an area by completing an agreement. 
Adoptees are required to complete a report card after each cleanup. The City furnishes the materials and supplies, and posts a sign indicating the name of the adopting person or group at their designated location.

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