Park & Landscape Services

​​​​​Our mission is to provide internal support for the external delivery of parks facilities, recreation programs, public spaces, schools, and roadways through proactive asset management that focuses organizational resources and processes toward improving/enhancing the long-term value and viability of public assets and protects public investment.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Landscape Management Division is responsible for all landscaping and grounds maintenance of City building sites, school sites, park sites, roadways and the resort area, including:

  • 512 building sites
  • 91 school sites & support facilities
  • 3,685 acres of parks lands out of 7,495 total acres
  • 164 miles of divided roadway
  • 179 miles of rural roadway

 Our Services

Our services include: ​

  • Mowin​g services
  • Litter control servic​es
  • Landscape installation and maintenance
  • Hazardous tree assessment and removal
  • Storm-related emergency services
  • Municipal parking lot sweeping services
  • Community Beautification Projects coordination
  • Special event support
  • Snow and ice removal from building sites
  • Athletic field preparation and maintenance
  • Playground equipment at park and school sites installation and maintenance
  • Tennis and basketball court maintenance
  • Select bench, picnic table, fence and sign installation and maintenance
  • Welding and metal fabrication
  • School parking lot striping
  • Urban Forestry management

​​​​Landscaping on City-owned property is maintained through maintenance cycles. Please see the below chart for targeted landscape maintenance frequencies. Many factors can affect meeting established targets, such as rain, or storm event response.

​Building Sites​Recreation Centers, Libraries​10-12 days
​Neighborhood Parks​Smaller, unstaffed parks within neighborhoods14-16 days
​Roadways, Divided (medians)​Virginia Beach Blvd, Great Neck Rd, Holland Rd​18-21 days
​Roadways, Urban Shoulders/Parcels​Indian River Rd, Oceana Blvd, Potters Rd​30 days
​Roadways, Resort​Atlantic Parkway, Pacific Ave10-​12 days
​Roadways, R​ural​Pungo/Creeds area, Blackwater Rd, Pungo Ferry Rd​30 days
​Schools​Virginia Beach Public Schools​16-18 days​​​

Select locations have an established meadow management program in which we grow, not mow. Meadows provide many benefits if established properly using landscape management best practices.​

Litter control is also done at every maintenance​ cycle. The Landscape Management Division will respond to acute litter issues on City-owned property.

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 Beautification Program

In recent years, residents and organizations have taken a heightened interest in enhancing the landscape plantings of public property. Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation’s Landscape Management Division offers a Beautification Program to coordinate and assist in these efforts, which have proven to be an asset to the community. 


  • ​Location: All planting must be done on public property, such as grounds of public buildings, public schools, parks, entrances t​o subdivisions, and street tree planting on medians.
  • Funding: The applicant is responsible for providing the total funds for requested plant materials. Virginia Beach Parks and Recreation will, in turn, provide all necessary labor and associated horticultural materials, which usually exceeds the cost of the plant material itself. Checks should be made payable to Treasurer, City of Virginia Beach, and forwarded to the Landscape Management Division before the plant materials can be purchased.
  • Purchasing: The Division accepts responsibility for purchasing plant materials, which are purchased at wholesale cost.
  • Scheduling: Generally, beautification projects are scheduled on a seasonal basis from the first of November through the end of March.
  • Maintenance: The maintenance of completed beautification projects becomes the responsibility of the applicant, except for those areas that are currently maintained or are scheduled to be maintained by the Landscape Management Division.


The Beautification Req​uest Form below must be submitted for approval. You will be contacted for a detailed sketch of the proposed planting. Please have this ready upon submitting your application. The applicant will be notified as soon as the application has been processed. Design concepts and selection of plant materials are subject to approval.​

Virginia Beach Beautification Commission

The City of Virginia Beach is fortunate to have a viable, non-profit, state-chartered beautification commission whose activities are directed to the encouragement of beautification programs for the betterment of our community.

An excellent rapport has been established between the commission and the City, where combined efforts and resources have been directed toward mutually established goals. We anticipate continued involvement in joint beautification efforts in the future.

Citizens interested in obtaining membership in this progressive, volunteer organization are encouraged to contact the commission:

Virginia Beach Beautification Commission
P. O. Box 1052, Virginia Beach, VA 23451​

Contact Information