Landscape Crews Begin Repairs After Last Week's Storm

They’re more than just the pretty faces you see riding on lawn mowers around the city! Come rain, sleet, snow, hail, wind and whatever else Mother Nature throws our way, the crews of Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation’s Landscape Management Division are poised and ready to jump into action.

In fact, following the tornado that winded its way through the Landstown area last Friday, crews have been working hours on end to remove debris and begin repairs, including:

  • Tree removal from roads and right of ways.
  • Tree removal from various neighborhoods on the Salem R​oad corridor, Rosemont Road area by TCC, and the Castleton neighborhood.
  • Retrieving a long jump pad from a pond at TCC returning it to Landstown H. S.
  • Removing all damaged athletic equipment and fencing from Landstown H.S.
  • Removing a damaged cinder block dugout from Landstown H.S.
  • Removing all storm debris from school grounds that collected on the site from the neighborhood.
  • Coordinating with the Sheriff’s Work Force and assisting with hauling tree debris to the landfill.

Our teams take great pride in keeping the city looking immaculate and ensuring the safety of our citizens and visitors! Special thanks to all the men and women of the Landscape Management Division who do this important work. ​

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