Outdoor Fitness Parks

In Virginia Beach, health and wellness is a priority, and we love to be outdoors. Additional outdoor fitness parks would give us the opportunity for physical exercise in an outdoor gym setting.
​​​​​​ ​
​​The fitness parks could be located in our parks, near our trails and playgrounds – creating the ultimate family adventure. These parks often include a wide array of exercise equipment including high bars, low bars, parallel bars, ropes, a level ring climber, slackline posts, swing-along rings, balance beam and multipurpose post. The equipment chosen will not only be rugged and durable, it will provide a challenging workout for people at every fitness level from youths to seniors. The diverse options mean it is perfect for multigenerational families, and accessible for everyone.

The projected cost for a single outdoor fitness park ranges from approximately $100,000 to $250,000 depending on the complexity of the project. Use the interest form below​​ to identify ​​your proposed project and let's work together to make it happen. ​