Challenger Field

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The love of sports beats strong in the hearts of children around the world. Yet for some children in Virginia Beach, the playing field itself is a challenge. We would like to see a space built that is specially adapted for children and adults with disabilities where they can play baseball and their other favorite sports.
For a child with a disability, a traditional field with raised surfaces of dirt and grass can be a safety hazard for anyone in a wheelchair or with visual impairments. Virginia Beach’s proposed Challenger Field would be specially designed for adaptive sports. The field could accommodate diamond field and multipurpose field sports, and would be used for both youth and adult programs. It would be constructed with a rubberized surface that is 100% wheelchair accessible. ​

Dimensions of the Field

Bases and pitching mounds are painted onto the surface so that there are no raised obstacles that you would find on a typical baseball field. The dugouts are enlarged to accommodate wheelchairs and other apparatus. The base path, pitching and outfield fence distances are a bit shorter than a typical Little League field. The design will mimic that of a typical Little League field while containing key elements that make it both safe and appropriate for disabled children and adults. 

The baseball portion of the field will be 130' from home plate to the outfield fence and will feature a 10,000-square-foot rectangular field to accommodate other sports such as football and basketball. The outfield fence will be removable from center field to left field to open the field to a maximum size 150' x 70'. Adjacent to the field will be a medium shelter. The shelter will provide cover from inclement-weather and shade, and will feature wheelchair accessible picnic tables to create a truly inclusive space where families can enjoy a meal, engage in organized recreation activities or use the field to play team sports such as flag football, basketball or soccer. 

Field Location​

The field can be placed on existing Parks & Recreation land. Potential parks sites under consideration for a Challenger Field could be Princess Anne Athletic Complex (PAAC), Williams Farm Park, or Three Oaks Park (park currently not developed). ​

Project Cost

The total cost for the Challenger Field (without sports lighting) is approximately $500,000.​​​

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