Bikeways and Trails

Bikeways and trails are very popular and among the City’s most requested recreational facilities. Help us work towards becoming a more connected community for both pedestrians and cyclists.

​​​​​​​Partner with the City

While the City is focus​ed on building the trails – which can be costly due to the costs for land, boardwalks, bridges, stormwater management, and environmental mitigation – donors can help add trailside features. ​​​​​​ ​Donors can work with staff to find suitable sites along the 137 miles of off-road paths and wide sidewalks throughout the City. ​ Use the interest form below​​ to identify ​​your proposed project and let's work together to make it happen. 

Trailside Amenities

Sponsors can choose from a long list of features to add to an existing bikeway or trail:

  • Furniture such as benches, tables, solar charging stations, seating walls
  • Bike parking and bike repair stations
  • Structures such as shelters and overlooks
  • Waysides such as plazas, alcoves and parklets
  • Habitats such as houses, feeders, water, etc. for birds, bats and butterflies 
  • Landscape plantings such as planter boxes, nodes and strips
  • Wayfinding milestones or kiosks
  • Décor such as public art, flagpoles and interpretive signs
  • Emergency call boxes and lights
  • Bike-ped counters with readouts