Project Green Teens' Adopt-a-Reef

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Teens cleaning BayThe Lynnhaven River was once famous for its oysters. Sadly, after years of disease, pollution and over-harvesting, the river’s oyster population declined to less than 1%. Today, state and local groups are working to grow oysters and replace reefs where they once stood. Most recently, “oyster castles” are providing new places for oysters to grow. Made from crushed oyster shell and concrete, oyster castles resemble Legos interlocking blocks. With 19 blocks per castle, these shoreline structures attract baby oysters and provide ample surfaces to settle down. Oyster castles also provide homes for other animals like fish and blue crabs while protecting adjacent shorelines from erosion. Moreover, oysters help clean our waterways—a single oyster can purify up to 50 gallons of river water every day! 

Project Green Teens​, Virginia Beach's first environmental group for teens, is raising funds to create an oyster reef​ along the eastern branch of the Lynnhaven River at Great Neck Park. The goal of this first "Adopt-a-Reef" project is to purchase 64 oyster castles to be placed along 650 feet of park shoreline. The mud-mucking and lifting of each 34 pound oyster block, totaling 20 tons, will be provided by the teens supervised by adult mentors. The Great Neck Park oyster castle project will take place June 2014 through June 2017. The teens will count the number of oysters established on the reef one year after its establishment and each year thereafter. The greater the amount of oysters, the more successful the reef will be considered.

Our goal is raise $10,000 through donations and grants. Funds raised will be used to purchase oyster reef materials and to support associated Project Green Teens' activities. ​

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