Woodstock Park Improvement Project

Woodstock Park is getting a makeover! Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation (VBPR) has entered into a strategic partnership with HRSD. This $32 million groundbreaking project will deliver a multi-use facility that serves both Virginia Beach's community needs and the region's infrastructure demands. The partnership allows VBPR to carryout significant park renovations and share the costs with HRSD, ultimately saving taxpayer dollars.


 About the Project

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation (VBPR) has entered into a strategic, mutually beneficial partnership with HRSD that is going to bring some exciting changes to Woodstock Park! This $32 million groundbreaking program will deliver a multi-use facility that serves both Virginia Beach's community needs and the region's infrastructure demands. By combining these facilities, HRSD is able to fulfill its regulatory commitments and VBPR is able to improve another recreational facility sooner for residents and community members.

Over the next two years, HRSD and Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation will renovate Woodstock Park, including the pavilions, parking, park restroom, and playground as well as building a cutting-edge skate facility for all skill levels on top of a 5.2 million gallon offline wet weather storage tank​. Building an underground tank in this area of Virginia Beach allows HRSD to safely hold excess wastewater and rain/groundwater in the system until elevated conditions in the sewer system subside. The partnership also allows VBPR to carry out significant park renovations simultaneously and share the costs with HRSD, ultimately saving taxpayer dollars.​​​ ​

 Construction Timeline


 Skate Park Info

Woodstock Skate Park Design Plans

Woodstock boards_041719.jpgFrom the information gathered during the skatepark design input meeting in November 2019, Team Pain developed four concept designs for the skatepark and a variety of bowl configurations. After a short presentation of these concepts by Tim Payne, attendees at the design review meeting held on February 18, 2020, were given plans of each concept and broken up into small groups to discuss and make suggestions. This allowed Tim and James Covington (another member of Team Pain) the opportunity to interact with each group and hear their feedback. After the breakout sessions, the group came back together, and Tim presented the insights that he and James had gathered from the group discussions. 

Team Pain has taken this information and is working on the final design which will be shared later in the spring with construction of the skatepark set to begin in the fall.

Previous meetings:
Design Review Meeting -- February 18, 2020
Design Workshop -- November 19, 2019 ​

Woodstock Skate Park Design Concepts (click images to view larger)
WS Skate Park Concepts-page 1.jpgWS Skate Park Concepts-page 2.jpg Design Concept Review Meeting -- Feb. 18, 2020 (click images to view larger)
            woodstock skate park design concept mtg 021820-1.png woodstock skate park design concept mtg 021820-2.png                                                             woodstock skate park design concept mtg 021820-3.png


 Photo Gallery

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  Week 4.jpgWeek 5.jpg
   week 6.jpgWeek 7.jpg
   Placing Concrete Slab.jpgRebar and Formwork Installation.jpg

Construction Progress 12.31.19.jpg                                      
Woofstock park june.jpgwoostock park june 2.jpg

 Contact Info

  • ​Ema​il: fun@vbgov.com 
  • Phone Number: 757-385-1100
  • Media Inquiries: Julie Braley | JBraley@vbgov.com​
  • Engineering Consultant: Hazen and Sawyer, PC
  • Contractor: Crowder Construction Company​
  • Skate Park Design: Team Pain

 Alternative Park Sites & Amenities

During the park closure, a temporary dog park will be located at Providence Park, 952 Reon Drive, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23464. Other nearby amenity alternatives include:

  • Tennis courts – Lark Downs Park (800 Monmouth Lane, Virginia Beach, VA 23464​)
  • Playgrounds – Woodstock Cove Park (5913 Woodhaven Court., Virginia Beach) and Providence Park (952 Reon Drive., Virginia Beach)
  • Skate Parks – Williams Farm and Mount Trashmore, visit VBgov.com/skatepark​ for locations. Access to skate parks are FREE. ​ ​
Please continue to check back for updates.
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