Virginia Beach Trail

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​VB Trail RenderingThe Virginia Beach Trail (VB Trail) is a proposed 10.5 mile shared-use path within the former Norfolk Southern Railroad Corridor. The trail will provide a continuous east-west linear connection from the western city limit at Newtown Road to the oceanfront resort area. Design and construction of the proposed trail will be broken into five phases​:

Phase 1

thalia-creek-primary-corridor-rendering-trail.jpgPhase One of the Virginia Beach Trail will begin in the Town Center area and provide access for pedestrians and bicyclists throughout the Pembroke Strategi​c Growth Area (SGA)​ as well as provide the northern loop connection to the Thalia Creek Greenway project.​

Phase 2​​​​​

Phase Two will be constructed closer to the oceanfront, connecting the existing Norfolk Avenue shared-use path where it ends at Birdneck Road and will continue westward.

​Phases 3 - 5

The remaining three phases will fill in the gaps to complete the project with a continuous ten-foot wide asphalt trail.​​


The VB Trail has been a part of the City of Virginia Beach Bikeways and Trails Master Plan since 1980 when it was adopted by City Council and has continued to be a priority in the Master Plan ever since. Conceptual design and 15% construction drawings have been completed and are under review by city staff. Continuation of the project including construction is pending future funding.

The 10.5-mile Virginia Beach Trail would be the final connection to the Atlantic Ocean from the existing South Hampton Roads Trail​, a regional trail that currently runs through Suffolk, Portsmouth, Norfolk, and Chesapeake.

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