Mount Trashmore Park Updates

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Over many years, the Mount Trashmore Park has maintained great popularity. The heavily used park has driven a need to refurbish various features. Parks & Recreation’s Planning Design and Development team has advocated for an update to permanent structures that support this highly utilized and much-loved Virginia Beach landmark. ​

Observation Boardwalk at Mount Trashmore​

Observation Boardwalk Image 1​​​​​Observation Boardwalk Image 2

In the 1970s, when Mount Trashmore was first unveiled to the City of Virginia Beach, a rustic, beautifully finished dock welcomed visitors of all ages to explore the waters of Lake Trashmore. As decades passed and Virginia Beach grew, this once welcoming wooden creation began to erode and weather away. 

This spring the walk along Lake Trashmore is getting an elaborate renovation!
The re-purposed Mount Trashmore Boardwalk will have a new deck and railings, and two access points with ADA accessibility. The once decrepit docks along the boardwalk will be refurbished as Observation Platforms to accommodate a wide range of visitors. This project demonstrates what it truly means to “reuse and recycle,” as it maintains most of the original pylons supporting the boardwalk. The reclaimed boardwalk will once again be enjoyed by the citizens of Virginia Beach for years to come!

Timeline: Refurbishment began at the boardwalk on April 4th, and we're hopeful that the project will reach completion by Labor Day​.​​

South Facing Staircase and Edwin Drive Park Office

The staircase on the South side of the mountain, and the front office building off of Edwin Drive, are each scheduled for reconstruction. Public restroom facilities will be added to the office for user convenience.​

Timeline: These projects will begin in late May/early June, following the completion of the Trashmore boardwalk.

​​​Pathways and Permanent Amphitheater​

pathways-small.jpg Amphitheater​Starting late fall 2018, new and improved pathways will be installed to accommodate various vendors, food trucks, and pedestrian access. To complete this project, a permanent amphitheater space will become the ultimate seasonal entertainment center.​​

Timeline: The Miller Group will begin amphitheater and path construction on November 13, 2018, and we're hopeful that the project will reach completion by summer 2019. The park will remain open but some areas will be blocked off for construction.​

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