​​​Social Media Policy Guidelines

While the City encourages posts, questions, discussion, comments and varying viewpoints; the City of Virginia Beach and Department will not feature any comment that clearly contains any of the following and reserve the right to delete questions and/or comments that include the following:

  1. Solicitations or advertisements of any kind that are not officially sponsored or endorsed by the City of Virginia Beach
  2. Abusive or threatening language, threats against any person or group; libelous, harassing or abusive statements
  3. Contain personal attacks or aggressive behavior
  4. Promote hate of any kind
  5. Use profanity or vulgar language
  6. Blatant spam
  7. Relate to personnel actions regarding City employees, volunteers or appointees of constitutional offices
  8. Contain personal information about someone else, such as home address, name, phone number, personal health information
  9. Contain information affiliated with or promoting political campaigns
  10. Hostility or violence toward an individual or group, including personal insults, libel, defamation of character
  11. Sexual overtones or innuendo
  12. Illegal discrimination against any individual or group
  13. Illegal or inappropriate use of firearms or drugs, or any illegal activity
  14. Questions or comments by persons who are impersonating city officials or using false identities
  15. Information harmful to children or of a nature to frighten children
  16. Promotion of cruelty to animals
  17. Information regarding online casino gaming, gambling or betting
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