Donate Materials

We are currently accepting donations at most locations, except for Great Neck, Windsor Woods and Oceanfront Library. Call (757) 385-0150 for specific branch information.
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Books, DVDs, Music CDs and Spoken Audio

The library accepts donations of books, DVDs, music CDs and spoken audio on CD. Items must be in good condition. You may drop off boxed or bagged donations at any library location. Staff will provide you with a receipt that you may fill in for tax purposes. (IRS code places the responsibility on the donor for estimating value of donated items). 

All donated books and materials become property of Virginia Beach Public Library and are unable to be returned. Donated items may be placed in the library’s collection or provided to the Friends of Virginia Beach Public Library, which supports VBPL and the community with proceeds from used book sales. VBPL's Materials Management unit determines whether donated items meet selection guidelines. Please refer to our Material Donations Policy for details. 

Historical Books, Documents and Photos

Virginia Beach Public Library is very interested in receiving donations of materials documenting Virginia and Virginia Beach history. Please contact Suzanne Malush at Central Library, (757) 385-0190.​​

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