Kid Coding

Looking for activities for the kids? Why not try some fun coding games?

Child on tabletSimply put, coding is writing instructions – or algorithm - into a programming language that a computer/machine can understand. If you break it down further, you'll recognize concepts you're probably already reinforcing at home. For example, have you ever made cookies with the kids? This activity includes looking at a larger task and breaking it down into smaller steps – pre-heat oven, combine ingredients in the right order, bake in oven for 20 minutes, etc. At the grocery store, have you ever asked the kids to group objects into categories – what's blue? How about round? And in the car, have the kids ever given you the directions to your destination? All of these activities reinforce important skills necessary to be a computer programmer.

Concepts such as sequencing and pattern recognition, plus skills including problem-solving, collaboration, and persistence are also encouraged through these "unplugged" coding activities:

Want more fun? Try these apps/websites:

So the next time you're at home cooking with the family, at the grocery store, or in the car, remember there are fun games you can play with the kids to help prepare them for successful 21st century careers.

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