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Find books and audiobooks, music CDs, DVDs and videos, large print materials, foreign language materials, recommended reading and best seller lists and more. 

Digital Library​

Learn about using your library account to access free downloadable resources such as e-books and audiobooks.

NoveList ​

​Use NoveList to find fiction and non-fiction books based on books you've already read (read-alikes), or topics in which you are interested in. Explore the “Ages 0-8” and “Ages 9-12” portals to find youth books. Use the “Search for More” feature at the end of each book’s review page to find similar titles.

Your Personalized Reading List

Receive personalized reading recommendations for all ages selected by library staff. Fill out the form and within three school days, you will receive a list tailored to your reading preferences. Upon request, we will place holds and pull items for you to pick up on the hold shelf at your preferred branch. VBPL Recommends Form.

VBPL Reading Programs

​Find out more about our annual Battle of the B​ooks​​ (for 5th graders and middle school students) and Summer Reading Challenge (for all ages). Even our youngest readers (ages birth to five) can participate in our 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten​ program.

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