How to Back Up Freegal Music from Mobile Apps

​iOS devices:

  1. Plug device into the USB port on a computer with iTunes installed.
  2. Once iTunes recognizes the device, select File Sharing from the left side of the iTunes window.
  3. Under Apps in the center of the iTunes window, select Freegal Music.
  4. A folder labeled with the library card number used to authenticate the app will be listed. This is where your downloads are located. Select that folder and click Save.
  5. Choose the location where you would like the files to be saved and click Save.

Android devices:

  • On a PC: 
    • Unlock your device, connect to your PC via USB, and tap USB for... and then Transfer Files
    • Navigate to the folder titled Freegal Music in the file transfer window that appears on your computer. 
    • Inside this folder, you will see another folder labeled with your library card number. This folder contains all of the Freegal Music downloads currently downloaded to the Freegal Music app. 
    • Drag this folder to your desktop, and once the transfer is complete you can then move the songs and videos wherever you'd like on your computer. 
  • On a Mac, download Android File Transfer
    • Follow the instructions for installation and then connect your device via USB. 
    • Navigate to the Freegal Music folder and select the folder labelled with your library card number. 
    • Copy this folder to the desired location on your Mac. 

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