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New to computers or need to refresh your skills? Use the Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment tool to decide which online courses (listed below) or in-person computer classes​ to take.​​​​​

LinkedIn Learning Online Courses

Use your library account to access hundreds of great online courses​ on a wide range of topics including computer-aided design (CAD), photo editing, computer programming, web development and Microsoft Office applications. Most courses offer certificates of completion you can print or post to your social media profiles. ​​

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Technology Buying Guide (GCFlearnfree.org)

Getting Started on a Computer (DigitalLearn.org)
Computer Basics (GCFlearnfree.org)
Basic Computer Skills (GCFlearnfree.org)
Mouse Tutorial (GCFlearnfree.org)
Typing Tutorial (GCFlearnfree.org)

Windows 7, 8, and 10 tutorials (GCFlearnfree.org) 
Windows 7 Help (Microsoft)
Using a PC - Windows 7 (DigitalLearn.org)
Windows 8.1 Help (Microsoft)
Using a PC - Windows 10 (DigitalLearn.org)

Mac - OS X versions (GCFlearnfree.org)
MacOS Support (Apple)
Using a Mac - OS X (DigitalLearn.org)

Chromebook Basics (GCFlearnfree.org)

iPad Basics (GCFlearnfree.org)
iPad Support (Apple)
iPhone Basics (GCFlearnfree.org)
iPhone Support (Apple)​
Android Basics (GFClearnfree.org)
Android OS Help (Google)
Windows 10 on a Tablet (GCFlearnfree.org)
Introduction to the Internet (Techboomers.com)
Internet Basics (GFCLearnfree.org)
Navigating a Website (DigitalLearn.org)

Internet Explorer (GCFLearnfree.org)
Chrome (GCFLearnfree.org)
Edge for Windows 10 (GCFLearnfree.org)
Firefox (GCFLearnfree.org)
Safari for Apple computers (GCFlearnfree.org)
Search Better (GCFLearnfree.org)
Basic Search (DigitalLearn.org)

Internet Privacy Course (Techboomers.com)
Passwords Course (Techboomers.com)
Online Safety (GCFlearnfree.org)
Accounts and Passwords (DigitalLearn.org)
Online Sc​ams ​(DigitalLearn.org)
Internet Privacy (DigitalLearn.org)
Virtual Privacy Lab​ (San Jose Public Library)
Intro to Email (DigitalLearn.org)
Gmail Tutorials (Techboomers.com)
Gmail (GCFlearnfree.org)

Free Office Tutorials (GCFLearnfree.org)
Microsoft Office Help​ (Microsoft)
Disability Answer Desk​ (Microsoft)​

Facebook Course (Techboomers.com)
Facebook 101 (GCFlearnfree.org)
Intro to Facebook (DigitalLearn.org)

Snapchat Basics (GCFlearnfree.org)
Snapchat Course (Techboomers.com)
Snapchat Support (Snapchat)

Introduction to Instagram (Techboomers.com)
Instagram (GCFlearnfree.org)

Pinterest (GCFlearnfree.org)
Introduction to Pinterest (Techboomers.com)

Twitter Basics Course (Techboomer.com)
Twitter (GCFlearnfree.org)
LinkedIn Basics (GCFLearnfree.org)
​LinkedIn Help (LinkedIn)

Code Aca​demy - Learn CSS, JavaScript, APIs, web design, and more.  
Code.org - free online tutorials in the format of games and puzzles.
Free Code Camp​ - free tutorials on HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and more.

​​Computer-aided Design (for 3D printers and more)
Cisco Network Academy  -  Courses backed by learning science and Cisco expertise.
Coursera - Computer Science​Courses taught by faculty at universities and organizations from around the world. 
Edx - Computer Science​ - Courses from U.S. Ivy League schools. 
Khan Academy - Computing​ - Free instructional videos and exercises on HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more.
Microsoft Learn - Hands-on training, and certifications to help you get the most from Microsoft products.
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