#E-Books for All

​​​​​The American Library Association (ALA) and Public Library Association (PLA) have denounced Macmillan's decision and ask that the public express their concerns. For more information, including how to make your own voice heard on this issue, visit the American Library Association site eBooksForAll.org.​Ebooks for all.jpg

As of November 1, 2019, Macmillan Publishers began limiting public libraries to purchasing only one copy of newly released e-book titles for the first eight weeks of publication. Limiting libraries' access to new e-books means that you, our customers, could potentially wait as long as a year for access to e-book titles.

The American Library Association best conveys libraries' commitment to promoting literacy and a love of reading with diverse collections, programs and services for all ages.

In an increasingly digital world, libraries are investing​ more in e-books and downloadable media, and millions of people discover and explore new and favorite authors through both digital and print collections.

Many library patrons, especially those with visual and other disabilities, rely on e-books for adjustable text size and spacing, and benefit from lightweight, easier-to-hold e-readers.

Many authors, especially new authors, depend on libraries to provide exposure for their creative works and opportunity for readers to discover them.

Publishers rely on a constant supply of readers and demand for their products, which libraries provide at no charge to the publisher.

All this is why Virginia Beach Public Library has joined libraries around the country in taking a stand against Macmillan Publishers' e-book embargo and has suspended purchase of embargoed e-book titles.

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