About Us

Virginia Beach Public Library brings people together and provides equitable and convenient access to resources, educational experiences and opportunities to enrich lives. 

It’s a place where young children acquire skills to help them succeed in school. It’s where citizens turn to find unbiased information to research i​ssues of the day…to access emerging technologies…find resources for job-seeking…connections with other people. It’s where new chapters begin.

For more than a century, libraries have been the place where people go to learn, adapt, and flourish in an increasingly complex world. With expert staff and a focus on current and future needs of our citizens, Virginia Beach Public Library proudly continues that tradition.

Open Access Statement

Virginia Beach Public Library serves residents of the City of Virginia Beach without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, physical or mental disability, pregnancy, sexual orientation or gender identity. Virginia Beach Public Library staff work diligently to ensure that all City of Virginia Beach residents feel welcome in our buildings and that they can find resources they want and need to achieve their goals and enjoy the highest quality of life.  

In addition to operating according to City of Virginia Beach mission and values VBPL follows the Core Values of Librarianship and Library Bill of Rights as outlined by the American Library Association.

To view Virginia Beach Public Library's policies, see our Policies page.